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Baby Monitor HELP/Suggestions Please

hey ladies! I'm trying to decide on a good baby monitor. I'm torn between just audio vs audio/video. I've heard mixed things about how video is great but it's not 100% necessary. I guess I'm just anxious to spend a ton of money on a video monitor if ultimately I really just pay attention to the audio feature. Can anyone suggest a brand/model that you liked best? Also- what about WiFi monitors? Anyone have insight on those? Thanks!

Re: Baby Monitor HELP/Suggestions Please

  • Also- I live in a rural area, so I'm not AS concerned about audio interference from neighbors.
  • I LOVED my video monitor!! When they are little they roll...I was always horrified of her rolling into the corner and suffocating! The video monitors will vibrate (at least mine did) when there is even the slightest noise you can't hear! It was like $100 from walmart! can't remember the brand off the top of my head but worth it!!

    I got mine at my baby shower from the girls at work because they all went in on it so it was like $10 a person! Don't be afraid to put it on your registry and have people group it!!

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  • We went with this video monitor, it's the number one selling one on Amazon and has great reviews. 

    It's also not run off of wi fi so it's a lot safer from hackers. My sister in law is getting it for us (so sweet!!) 

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  • Remember that you'll be using a monitor for a few years. The video option helps a lot when they are stirring or crying in their sleep so you can tell whether they are actually awake or just stirring and making noise. If you go in their room to check at every little noise you hear on an audio monitor, you may wake them up and make it worse.


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  • Re: wifi. This kind of thing can happen. If you must use one make sure it's secured.
  • I just have an audio one and I'm happy with it.
  • Cant imagine living without video monitor. When DD was a newborn I kept looking at it to make sure she was breathing. Now that she is 2 I still find it invaluable. Like others said, I want to see if she is crying in her sleep or is really awake. I dont want to be walking into her room with every sound. Plus I can see if she lost her paci, and than I know to go in and give it to her before she even gets upset

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