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i think i might have gone overboard on my registry. I have 40 plus items. Any other first time moms going clicking crazy??

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  • At BRU was told they recommend registering for 5 items per guest. We're having one huge shower rather than several smaller ones so with 100 guests... we're talking 500 items. Yeah I don't think so. So 40 seems very reasonable to me :)
  • I have 153. Some items are very small and others are big. I don't expect to be gifted everything. It's more of a checklist for me and the coupons will be helpful too.
  • We have about 150, I don't think I could narrow it down to 40 if I needed to!
  • No. 40 is perfectly appropriate.
  • There's another discussion just from the other day about this very same topic. That one had a lot of people having over 100. I have around 40 total at BRU and Target. It was a struggle to get to that number. Lol
  • I have 131
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  • I have about 120 ( was told to shoot for 300 by baby's r us) but I mean like ten of those are nipples :)
  • I think 40 is a good number. Slightly off topic, Idk why employees of these places tell people things like that. It doesn't make people spend more....just makes the guest of honor look bad. I remember a few months ago I was told to have like 2-3 gifts per wedding guest on my registry. Ummm no, because where will I put all of that stuff?! OP don't listen to the crazy employees trying to look good when they tell you to have 108471781 registry items. Get what you need/want for your LO. Don't stress yourself like that.
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  • Agree with everyone else. I'm actually feeling like I'm wrong for only having the 30ish items that I have because a lot of people have so much more.

    You know your situation more than any of us or a store employee would: If you have a dedicated nursery vs a smaller space for the baby, if you've registered for items that they'll be using a year from now vs what they need immediately, whether or not you're having a baby shower, etc. So many variables!

    I think we registered for enough to get us through the first few weeks....and the mister will just be making a lot of Target or Babies R Us runs if we didn't. :)
  • I just started playing around with mine today and I was at 120ish things. I understand what the employees are saying though... you want more items than guests so that the people who shop last minute still have options. I hate going to a wedding or shower and the registry is picked over except for all the expensive things. 5/person seems excessive though.
  • I have 30 things on my registry too. We have been lucky that the big stuff is taken care of, (crib, car seat, stroller), by our parents, and I didn't bother to register for things like clothing, because that is the kind of stuff that people like to buy. I am feeling a little bad that there is nothing "cute" and non-practical on the list, but we need what we need, and hopefully people will understand and help out. I think there are a lot of different types of registries and you should put what you want and need. Don't worry about what other people say. 
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    I have about 120, split between Amazon and BRU, though at least 50-60% of those items are under $20 and only 7 are over $50. If you took the children's books off our registry we'd probably only have 60 or 70 items total. We're cloth diapering and were gifted a years worth of hand-me-down baby clothes, so I wanted to make sure I had tons of options for people who didn't want to spend much money.  
  • I might be one of the few who, as a guest to a baby shower or wedding shower, I prefer MORE items on your registry. I don't side eye it even a little bit. I hate buying anything for a shower that isn't on a registry, except maybe for the occasional outfit. But I almost always also stick something in the gift off the registry, too, like a bath set or socks or a blanket. So for shoppers like me more is better!
  • I agree with PPs-5 per person is ridiculous but the reason to have more items on your registry is so people have choice at multiple price points -it's actually considerate, if you have a lot of guests on budgets that genuinely want to get you something you want they likely won't run out of options.
  • STM here, I put together a registry since my mom insists on throwing a baby shower (I'm an only child and this is our last baby, so extra special for them). I have about 35 items on the list, but most of those items are diapers, wipes, or small hygiene items (baby soap, diaper rash cream, etc.). We received mostly gender neutral items for the big things with DS, so DD will be using those things. My recommendation is not to register for clothes, people will buy those anyways. 
  • 40 sounds fine to me. I also look at registries as more of a checklist though. 

    AND as for the Babies R Us recommendation.... The number of people attending (or not attending) your baby shower has nothing to do with how many items your baby will need. That's got to be the dumbest registry tip I've ever heard. 


  • I'm just a little bit surprised that nobody has mentioned that you can add things to your registry as people start purchasing them. It's the same thing as what you would do for a wedding. If you notice that the choices are getting limited, you add to the registry. It's a pretty simple solution. I really think that five items per person is excessive. Unless if you're registering for one nipple at a time.
  • We had two very large showers, so our registries were quite large. Between BRU and Target, probably 200-300 items, and we received a good portion of it. A lot were small things like milk bags, wipes, etc.
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    I agree with @bostonbaby1 at keeping an eye on your registry and adding to it if it gets picked over to early (If you only registered for 0-6 month items start adding the 6-12 months things for example). 

    I think if you are registering for lots of little things 3-5 items per person is probably reasonable a package of pacifers is only a couple dollars and most people will spend at least $10 for a shower. Some people say their registry counts total number of items not packages so each pacifier in the 2 count package is a seperate item in the total count from what some comments say. Having items on your registry makes returns easier too, much longer grace periods and more relaxed rules so if you get clothes that will not fit during the right season the return would be easier. You could register for the items after you get them and just mark them recieved if you get something seasonal in the wrong size (or donate it instead). 

    My DH and I actually purchased things from our wedding registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond upto 18 months after our wedding and keeping track of it on the registry makes our household inventory for moving and insurance easier!
    *Edited to add, my inner minnimalist does not think baby needs 100-300 items (unless you are counting individual hangers or something)!
  • I have about 60 things, but will add some things after the shower because I don't feel comfortable having someone buy something like nipple cream for me.
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