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Contractions-four months pregnant

So I have been having "menstrual like cramps" which have seemed to have gotten worse each day since the middle of last week... had my check up today..They say it's contractions...I have had them in every hour... Hard to say exactly how many but at least three an hour.... My back will also cramp ... Which I suppose happens with contractions...any one else having early contractions? Anyone else have them in previous pregnancies? If so what is/was the interventions for you and the baby? I called the dr again but they didn't call back..the didn't seem to concerned ...should I be?

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  • I haven't had contractions that early. I know in later pregnancy they can be caused by not drinking enough water. Did you not ask while you were there?
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  • I have them. Just random Braxton his contractions. I don't remember when they started with my other 2 pregnancies but they don't worry me. Only if they are time able or increase in strength.
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  • Drink lots of water was always the recommendation for any early/Braxton Hicks type contractions. I'm guessing they'd tell you if they were worried. Hopefully they return your call soon.



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  • I don't know if this is true for everyone but my mom had them all through out her three pregnancies and her doctor told her it means you will have an easier labor. I'm the oldest and she had me within 45mins of her water breaking. Figures crossed it's true for you ;)
  • I've always had BH contractions early on. Drinking some water and relaxing with my feet up always helped calm them down.
  • This is my 4th pregnancy ( 3rd baby) and I get them every time early on as well. I'm 15 weeks today and have been having them for a couple weeks now.
  • Drink a glass or two of water, lay down and after an hour they don't go away call the doctor.
    That's what I was told when I thought I was having contractions.
    I would also say if you are super worried go in! It doesn't hurt to go in if you really feel concerned.
    I was a ftm and had no idea... Contractions hurt. Braxton hicks just feel uncomfortable.
  • Idk how much I believe it but I just mentioned this to my doc at my 16 week appt and he said it is physically impossible to be experiencing actual Braxton hicks at 16 weeks or sooner. But he did say that your uterus shifting around can give you the same feeling.
  • Drink water and rest. If you didn't ask your doc more about them, you should. I think I'm getting my contractions again but they're subtle so I can't tell 100% yet, but they diagnosed me with an irritable uterus. I had full belly contractions up to every 3 minutes by the time I was 28 weeks pregnant. I got fully checked out and turns out they were not progressing me (didn't have my son until 41w 1d). But after that they said just call again if they get worse than that lol. But it's still sometimes worth the check, especially if they're every couple of minutes.
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    All day, every day for me. But I have a history of preterm labor. I started progesterone shots a couple weeks ago to try to keep labor away and I noticed a definite decrease in the intensity and frequency of the contractions. I also have cervical lengths measured via ultrasound every two weeks and so far it seems like everything is as it should be so all the contractions don't appear to be doing anything to me yet.
    I don't want to scare people but I take all conractions very seriously. It's usually my body's way of telling me to slow down and because I have no intention of having another preemie I intend to listen to it.
  • to me that doesn't sound like braxton hicks anyway.  that sounds like contractions.  i think i would be more concerned about it too as @oregontrailmom is saying.  
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  • I actually called my doctor today bc I felt like I've been having Braxton hicks around the same time every night for the last week or so (5pm-ish and then off and on til bedtime ). Of course at 2pm on Friday before Labor Day Wknd, my midwife wasn't in but I did talk to another doc in the practice. She said at 17 weeks it can't be BH and it's too early to worry about preterm labor. She recommended drinking water and to call back on Tuesday if I was still feeling it. She thought it could just be round ligament pain...

    I'm a STM so I thought that they were BH but now I'm second guessing myself. Maybe it was gas or intestinal stuff or ...I have no idea. It actually does feel like hardening in my uterus but no pain at all! Another reason I'm second guessing myself is because it seems like it's only on one side sometimes. Like one side is hard and the other is still pretty squishy. I may call and talk to my midwife anyway on Tuesday... Unless I feel like I can wait 2.5 weeks til my next ultrasound/appointment.
  • Okay, yes, you CAN have BH that early in pregnancy.  I'm a 3rd time mom and I am getting them occasionally.  I know what they are, what they feel like, etc. so it's not something else.  Interesting that people's doctors are saying that you can't because it is simply not correct info.

    Also, if you are experiencing period like cramping with the tightening, that does NOT sound like BH.  BH are generally painless.

    I would think that the first thing they would do is dip your urine and then send off for culture because UTI's are a common cause of early contractions and/or cramping and if you have one, you need to be treated.  Just my $.02
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    Thanks ladies - I have no pain with them, they don't feel like menstrual cramps, and they are not regular. I've been paying close attention the past two days and it seems to be happening particularly when my bladder is full... I'm going to call on Tuesday and see if I can get my midwife. I hate talking to a doc who doesn't know me and I don't trust. I kind of feel like she was brushing me off bc it was getting late in the day on a Friday. I appreciate the responses/info!

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  • I get BH when my bladder is full, too. Just, you know...PEE! Lol ;)
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  • I was having what I assumed to be BH the other night. I had never had them before or since then.. But my stomach would tighten a little and it felt like a hard ball in one spot. It didn't hurt and only happened a couple times. As I was researching about them I found they can actually start around 6 weeks but a lot of women just don't feel them. It's pretty normal though as long as there's no pain and it isn't continuous in a short period of time. Sounds like you're doing/have done the right thing. I wouldn't worry too much! You know your body.
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