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Where did the day go?

For those of you EBF, I am feeding LO every 2 hours. How on earth do you all find time to do anything? I am 2 weeks post pardum and would like to introduce a light workout and start getting a little more productive around the house but this feeding schedule monopolizes my WHOLE day. I start a feed at 1pm and by the time she is done and burped and diaper changed I have like 45 minutes until the next feed (feed at 1pm and then again at 3pm etc). Not to mention I have to keep her elevated for up to 30 min after feeding which leaves me with no time to even eat, sleep, do anything myself. Counting down the days until my husband can bottle feed breast milk.

Re: Where did the day go?

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  • Yup I feel like this on the daily. Between BFing, pumping, changing, sleeping etc. and trying to prevent my 3 year old from acting his brother, the day is done before I know it and I feel like I got nothing personally done. BUT as @CaliforniaDream87 said, the time does truly fly by so trying to live (survive) in the moment and enjoy all the time spent together ... Housework can wait.

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  • I get one window each day. LO has become a regular napper from about 12 to 3 or 4. I get a nap in, fold the laundry, and do a light core workout in during this time. She takes a cat nap in the mornings too (sometimes longer depends when she wakes up to eat), but I use that nap for her to sleep on my chest with me...I wont give that up until I have to when I go back to work. :)
  • I am going to start trying to pump (after BFing) this week. I was just talking to my mom about it and telling her I have no clue how I'm going to have time. Yesterday my niece wanted to go for a walk after her nap. I ended up falling asleep shortly after she woke up and DH let me sleep for an hour. By the time I was up, DS was hungry. No time for a walk and dinner and getting her showered and in bed on time. I feel aweful, but I know once I start pumping and introduce bottles, it won't be so difficult.
  • I felt like this last week too.. Before baby I was always up always cleaning doing laundry getting things done and now it's BFing, changing, sleeping, and I am exhausted!! At my 2 week post partum app. my midwife told me not to stress, it's 100% okay to feel exhausted. My job is to produce milk and take care of baby. That made me feel better so now I just put everything aside and enjoy the little moments with baby..
  • I EP, and pump every 2 hours, so my days seems to fly by. I just keep reminding myself that I will never again get this time back. My son grew so fast that this time I'm not rushing anything. This too shall pass.

    This for sure.

    OP I remember feeling the same way after DS was born. I even caught myself wishing he was older so it was easier at times. I feel SO guilty for that now. :(. It really does fly by. Try your hardest to enjoy it! And know that often as they get older the feedings space out to 3-4 hours apart.

    Right now my house is a wreck, laundry to put away, dishes to do... But DS is down for his nap. So I'm enjoying cuddling with DD on my chest, because I know it won't last.

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  • Amen. All I have been doing is BFing ,leaking and doing a shit load of laundry because I leak on 4 shirts a day! Ugh. Even if I go somewhere I haven't felt comfortable BFing in public so all our outings are short.
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