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Traditional/classic names

we're still ttc, so naming is pretty far off, but DH and I can't figure out any names we love. The middle names are family members, so those are chosen. Our last name starts with a z and ends in -ski, to help with flow. We like really traditional/classic names, our son is David.
Girl- middle name Diana or Kathleen. We've thought about Amelia or Sarah, going with Kathleen for mn, but can't find anything that really goes with Diana as mn.
Boy- middle name Charles. But I can't think of *any* names I like with Charles, so we could use Michael as the mn if nothing really goes.

Any ideas?
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Re: Traditional/classic names

  • Abigail Diana
    Mary Diana
    Corinne Diana
    Celeste Diana
    Rachel Diana
    Esther Diana
    Patricia Kathleen
    Tabitha Kathleen
    Victoria Diana
    Marjorie Kathleen
    Rosalind Diana
    Serena Kathleen
    Sybil Diana
    Vivian Diana
    Zelda Kathleen
    Helen Diana

    Henry Charles
    Barnaby Charles
    Adam Charles
    Hector Charles
    Ira Charles
    Gideon Charles
    Marcus Charles
    Oliver Charles
    Joseph Charles
    Kenneth Charles
    Quentin Charles
    Nathaniel Charles
    Vincent Charles
    Oscar Charles
    Frederick Charles
    Maxwell Charles
    Franklin Charles
    Zachary Chales
    LFAF October Signature Challange
  • Andrew Charles
    Benjamin Charles
    Timothy Charles
    Joseph Charles
    Robert Charles
    Johnathan Charles

    Diana is a bit harder, I think because it is 3 syllables. I think it goes well with shorter names that don't end in a.
    Claire Diana
    Jane Diana
    Lucy Diana
    Lauren Diana
    Audrey Diana
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  • Elisabeth Diana
    Charlotte Diana
    Grace Diana
    Caroline Diana
    Vivian Diana
    Laurel Diana
    Josephine Diana
    Catherine Diana
    Louise Diana

    Joseph Charles
    Henry Charles
    William Charles
    Benjamin Charles
    Jacob Charles
    Alexander Charles
    Daniel Charles
    Andrew Charles
    Because fall

  • If recommend checking the UK list for names, as there are always some nice, classic names on there. If I remember rightly, Amelia was top last year. I can't link because I'm on mobile and it never works properly!
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