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How are your furbabies doing?

There were numerous discussions in the past about how our furbabies were handling our pregnancies and how they would handle our LOs once they arrived. So how are they taking LO?

Re: How are your furbabies doing?

  • My oldest kitty loves to snuggle on my lap while I BF. I'm really surprised by how much she loves DS. When my niece moved in, you couldn't get her near kids. Now, she will come right up to DS and rub all over him! My youngest dog is also in love with him. Likes to check on DS in is cradle before he goes to lay in his bed at night. He lays his head on my lap when I'm sitting on the couch with DS too but I never seem to have my phone handy (or my camera is uncooperative) when he does it.
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  • We have two Boston terriers. One seems perfectly fine with our new addition. As long as we throw the tennis ball for him a few times a day, he's good. The other pup, though, is a bit depressed and confused. He's used to long walks and snuggles and gets concerned when the baby cries. I feel bad that I can't give him the attention he wants. I'm hoping to start taking longer walks with the LO and the dog so that everyone is happy.
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  • Hubby's cat mainly ignores DD, and my cat has been curious but cautious as he's usually a scaredy cat. He hides under the bed any time we have company. He's normally right next to me often, but had kept his distance the first few days baby girl was home but the other day he finally came around. :)
  • My pup totally ignores DS. At first he seemed a bit depressed and annoyed since all eyes were on baby. But we try to still play with him and cater to him a bit. He Hears him cry and stares at me like "do something". We try to play and walk with him so he doesn't become resentful. But I don't know if he actual has figured out DS is here to stay.
  • Our dogs have done much better than I expected. I was always worried about them being too hyper but they have actually pretty much ignored DS. They come to check on him when he cries but they are really good about staying at a good distance and they know what their boundaries are. They haven't tried getting in his face or anything. They do like laying close to wherever he is though.
  • I've threatened to shoot our dog just about everyday. He's gotten much more annoying. He's ok during the day but goes nuts when dh comes home. He tries all he can do to get away from the baby when we bring him over to him. It has to be on his own terms. He likes to sniff and lick him. The one cat is very curious and nosy. My older cat could care less. At first she was craving more attention from me, now she's fine.
  • Our 20 yr old cat is unfazed, 9 yr old cat (pictured) is a mama's girl and just wants to share the attention, and our pup is protective. He is constantly checking on LO if someone other than us holds him, comes running if baby cries, and naps close by when LO sleeps.
  • We have two cats, both 9 years old. They have been on edge all week since we brought Patrick home. They slink around and jump at the slightest noise or movement! I feel so bad for them.. I don't know what to do to help them accept the new addition to the family so they can start to return to normal!
  • @laylababe3 try a phermone diffuser to help calm their nerves. Walmart sells them. I use them for any big event as my cat has a history of peeing in places she shouldn't when she's stressed. It has cut back dramatically on those issues.
  • My Jack Russel is so interested in baby. He knows the baby is something really important, but is not sure exactly what he is supposed to do. But he wants to be close to me and baby all the time. Sitting at my feet while rocking him, sleeping next to the bed all night... And he is on red alert like never before. If he hears a noise at night he is on guard. Overall he is doing much better than I expected. Just wish he would stop trying to get into the trash and eat the dirty dipers. Gross.
  • My cat is ancient and couldn't care less about LO but DH's cat has become extremely needy. She doesn't want to go near LO but follows DH meowing anytime he is home. The dog has had the hardest adjustment. He doesn't want to be crated at night anymore and only I can get him to go in without physically forcing him. He was super protective of me the entire pregnancy and now he lays near LO no matter where she is. If I put her in her crib and close the door he will sleep in the hallway. He still enjoys walks and we get him super excited and "woo-ing" up a storm so that's good.
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    We were very nervous about bringing our little guy home to our two dogs (Old English Bulldogge/boxer and American Bulldog). The English/Boxer is the sweetest but the American can be slow to warm up to the unknown. Our nerves were for nothing... They are both smitten with him and never leave his side! Can't wait to see their relationship once he's a mover :)
  • We have three cats and I've been so pleasantly surprised at how well they are doing. The older two just ignore the baby completely. They do not come downstairs as much now though. The youngest cat still stays around us but doesn't bother the baby at all.

  • My furbaby- 1.5 old ragdoll cat, was a bit depressed when we brought LO home and a week later he landed bad on his paw and broke his growth plate around his hip bone- WTF?? He was crying from pain and on pain meds now will have a surgery scheduled for next Friday- I feel soo bad for him! I keep wondering if that fall was a coincidence or calculated move on his part
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  • Our pit immediately warmed up to the LO and anytime baby cries you can hear her running across the house just to peak her head in to make sure babies okay. It's so sweet. She's very mothering and protective
  • Pit bulls were nanny dogs for a long time. Now I can see why! @Leahnbaby

    Whenever I breast feel my lo he lays on me. He is really clingy!
  • Our dog was our spoiled baby before LO so I was really worried. She's doing pretty well. She comes downstairs with me at night to feed him and he is the first one she runs to greet when we get home. She was shedding a lot up until about a week ago. My guess was it was anxiety. She's still adapting but I'm proud of her.
  • I am so so happy with how my two terriers have reacted. They were on their own a lot this weekend as I had to stay in for 3 days after giving birth because dd had a heart murmer. When we got home yesterday they were shaking with excitement. Any little noise she makes they have their heads in her moses basket and if she's out they lie down next to us when we hold her. They are just over a year old so really happy they will all grow up together
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