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DH/ SO going back to work

i knew today would come but that doesn't make me happy about it or it any easier. DH is headed to work and I'm sad. He's been the biggest help these two weeks and I'm pissed at society for not having an universal paternity leave. It adds to the false idea that fathers aren't as needed post partum. Societal BS I say!

I'm sure we will be fine. But he is my rock. Trying to keep from crying in front of him. Bah Humbug!

Re: DH/ SO going back to work

  • I've got two days left of DH... My parents will be around to help but my dad has a bad cold at the moment (thanks to my nieces, grrr), so I can't really rely on them to help for a couple of weeks. Shitting myself about being home alone with two LOs!! Good luck to you :)
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  • My husband has been off almost a month and heads back to work Friday. I have no idea how I am going to function without his help. I think I may start crying. Good luck mama you can do it!!!
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  • I'm so jealous! DH was only off work 4 days including labor/delivery and a weekend.
  • I had my husband home for a week and that wasn't near enough. Well technically we came home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon and he went back to work Monday. The first few days were very rough with lots of evening crying to dh. It does get better though and I feel confident now at home by myself all day. I hope you have a smooth transition!
  • I agree! H has been back to work for a week and it sucks. I miss him.
  • Mine went back to work today. I have my parents this week. Next week it's reality with 3 kids all by myself.

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  • I'm with ya :-( my LO was born last mon and my husband had return to work today. I feel so bad for him having to leave her but I'm also physically recovering from delivery so def sucks not having him here. His work even requested a doctor's note so he wouldn't get sent away for the week :-/
  • I got two weeks with DH, and it was a struggle to not cry when he left to go back to work. I didn't! It would have just made him feel worse.
    It took about two days and we got a nice rhythm going! You'll be great!
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  • DH spent one week home with me and I felt the same way. I so wish he could have at least 6 weeks of real paternity leave with me. I really feel like its ridiculous men dont get it, but its reality. I miss him everyday. Luckily, he didnt use all his time so he could take some 3 day weekends with us. He has today off and then next Monday is labor day weekend so another 3 day and then he is saving a day to have a 3 day weekend on our anniversary weekend in October just before I go back to work. Ill take what I can get!!
  • My DH goes back on Thursday ans I'm dreading it! He is such a huge help around the house and when I get overly emotional I wish he could take at least until my PP check up :((
  • DH started back last week and I cry everyday. I really give it to single mothers or those that don't have a support system! The first few days I cried because I was a mess. But by day 3, I got into a routine and it has become easier with each new day. I cry because it is very overwhelming. Yet, the past few days I cry because I feel very accomplished in doing something I have never done. You will do fine!
  • I'm scared to death, we have 3 kids plus this LO and DH has been off since the 20th and will go back on the 7th but he works out of town so he stays there for his shifts, like 3-4 days at a time so I'm freaking out. I just hope I'm healed enough from my csec that come a week from now I will be able to drive the kids to school and do all the stuff I did before
  • I had so much anxiety when my hubby went back to work and it hasn't been easy. I swear my LO is more fussy when he's home alone with me too lol. It's hard not to have someone to share the load with. Good luck mama
  • I've been lucky enough to have an easy recovery. If I was still recovering and in pain I'd be a nervous wreck. I'm sure a lot more confident this time then I was when DH went back to work after DS. I've been working hard with DS the last few months to teach him to be more independent. I'm SO thankful I did that.

    DH has 4 more days at home with us. He's been leaving/doing projects a few hours a day the last couple days which was annoying at first... But I think it's helping me get in the groove of two kids so I'm not complaining.

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  • DH went back to work last Thursday after a week and a half off. I flip flopped between feeling really confident about taking care of DS by myself and really incompetent. My mom is here through Wednesday this week, and I'm totally feeling spoiled by how helpful she is. I'm not looking forward to b the reality check when I'm back on my own on Thursday!
  • DH owns a business with his partner and he was supposed to have 12 days off, which he did, but LO was 8 days late so he spent 3 days at home with me. We both cried when he went back to work and he loves his job. FIL and step MIL were here to help but they mostly just stressed me out and made me miss DH even more. DH does get a 4 day weekend every other week so I really cant complain. I do feel like DH and I are really lucky since I was able to transition into a work from home position and DH has a more flexible schedule.
  • I thank my lucky stars all the time that my hubby was able to stay home with me for 4 whole weeks after our LO was born. Today is actually his first day back at work, but at this point I'm comfortable enough to take care of my little guy alone.
  • Yeah I got my husband for a week. It would be nice to have his help for longer but I've been doing most of the baby watching since I got home so no big deal

  • Ugh my husband went back to work today also. He worked from home last week. I cried myself to sleep last night. I miss him so much already. At least he should be home by five. Thoughts and prayers mamma we got this.
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