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sitz bath. love or hate?

Am I the only one who absolutely HATES sitz baths? I can't get comfortable enough on the darn thing to relax!

Re: sitz bath. love or hate?

  • I hate taking the time to do them, but always find them relaxing and relieving.
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  • @deviduke412 how do you manage to get comfortable? It feels like I'm tearing my skin when I sit down and my whole body tenses up and that's the end of that...
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  • @laineyjewel Do you have the basin thing to do them on the toilet? I've been told to squeeze your buttcheeks as you sit down. I also sit slightly forward. I usually take the iPad in with me too so that I have something to watch on Netflix.
  • One nurse recommended it while I was in the hospital. No one else did, so I forgot about it and never tried I have no idea if I would have liked it or not.

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  • @deviduke412 Yeah, I have the basin that sits on the toilet seat. No one at the hospital bothered to teach me how to use it so I'm just stuck here trying to figure it out on my own since it's supposed to promote healing.

    I will try that next time! Hopefully squeezing works. Thanks for the tip!
  • I didn't enjoy it. I like my peri bottle
  • I think they are annoying bc who has time with a newborn?! But I have done one here and there to help speed along the healing process and get rid of these stitches as soon as they will go away. I add epsom salt in mine to help with healing.
  • I never used the basin kind, but you can accomplish pretty much the same thing in your bathtub where its probably a little more comfortable. I would put some epsom salts and some lavender essential oil in a few inches of water and just sit for a while. It helped a lot with pain.
  • I did it once with this one and while it helped it was so uncomfortable to use. I have a strange shape toilet or something because the basin doesn't fit very well. So I just couldn't get comfortable using it.

  • @deviduke412 how do you manage to get comfortable? It feels like I'm tearing my skin when I sit down and my whole body tenses up and that's the end of that...

    Me too! I wiggle around the whole time trying to find a comfortable position then give up on it!
  • I didn't use a sitz bath postpartum but I did use one after I had a LEEP procedure. As PP said, try squeezing your butt cheeks together when you initially sit down (to prevent pulling) and leaning forward. I had an episiotomy and 3rd degree tear but luckily my doctor has allowed me to take baths since delivery and I have had no problems sitting in the tub. I know that some people try sitting on kiddie sized inner tubes or donuts in the tub so they don't have to sit on the hard surface (supposedly a rolled up towel works, as well). Good luck, I hope you find something comfortable!
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