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My boyfriend freaks out when baby cries

Whenever he holds him and he cries he freaks out and passes him back. I'm thinking about expressing milk and going out for the day so he can get over that hurdle. But I worry he won't look after him properly. By letting him just cry.I know this is a terrible thought. He's a fantastic dad. He just panics when he cries. Anyone else experience this. What did you do?

Re: My boyfriend freaks out when baby cries

  • My husband is great with the baby, and can usually soothe her crying, but on the rare occasion when he can't, if everything that's been done has been, he's the one to let her cry it out... I don't like to let her cry for very long being so young, but he has no problem with it! And I think constant crying bothers him more than it bothers me, too.
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  • I had to go to MedExpress last night for a UTI. I was gone for 1 hour. Our DS was SOOO cranky for my husband while I was gone and he tried everything to soothe him. I felt bad because DH let himself get worked up and frustrated because he just wants to help our baby but just couldn't get him to calm successfully. Poor thing :( he told me later he was mad at himself for letting himself get so frustrated over the situation. I think our partners just get upset because they ultimately can't nurse (if baby is EBF) which is really difficult for them to do much in the soothing dept.
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