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Going back to work and daycare **UPDATE SO HAPPY**

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What are anyones plans for going back to work? My LO is going to have to go to daycare. I feel like just leaving her all of a sudden is going to make her feel abandoned at least that first week or so until she realizes she will come home everyday. Im going back to work at 8 weeks, unless something happens and we can work out financially for me to be off 12 weeks. Id love some feedback from BTDT moms too as far as how your LO's did.



My mom did some asking around with friends and I found an in home provider who I love. She is so sweet and I feel Arya is going to get the love and attention I wanted that I felt miserable about when I left the daycare she was going to be going to. The woman cares for a 2 year old and a 16 month old and then will have Arya at 8 weeks. She also has a five year old, but she only gets her on the bus every morning. She kept all 3 sons of a teacher I had in high school from 8 weeks to 5 years old as well. I stayed with her the whole day and was just so happy. I had to share because times have been rough for me emotionally lately and this just felt like such a weight lifted off of me. She will still get the interaction of other children, but more personalized care. Oh did I mention she asked me if I would be pace feeding when I started introducing a bottle to help with the transition to her caring for her and asked if I needed any help on pace feeding techniques?? LO, I feel, is going to be in such great hands.

Re: Going back to work and daycare **UPDATE SO HAPPY**

  • I am taking 10 weeks of leave.  My district will only allow me to return at the start of a new marking period.  Unfortunately, we cannot afford for me to be off longer.

    DD went to daycare and did really well.  But she really didn't have to go consistently until she was 5 months old because of being off for summer.  This little guy will start much sooner.  It was tough, but overall, I was very happy with how DD did at daycare.  She did "art projects," was introduced to sign language, had early interactions with other kids, and got better at going to people other than myself and DH.  She sometimes would refuse a bottle, but we figured if she was hungry enough she would eat.  

    I will say, I appreciated picking her up each afternoon and really did not waste time leaving work because I really wanted to see her and spend time with her.  I am sure it will be the same way again having 2 in daycare.

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  • I think we are going to start doing a bottle at 1 month fairly regularly to try and get her used to it. Hoping that helps! Ive got a decent frozen stash of milk going from just pumping a couple times a day so FX I can keep it up.
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  • We will be starting daycare as soon as LO has his vaccinations. I really wanted to get him in daycare a few days before I have to go back to work, so we can get a routine together (somewhat). Unfortunately, I'll be back at work a while before he is scheduled for vacs, so we'll have to make arrangements for a family member to keep him until he can go to daycare. I don't think he will care where he is or who he is with. He is only going to be 6-8 weeks old when he starts though!
  • She will be 8 weeks old. I feel like the bond weve created breastfeeding will make her "look" for me initially until she learns this new routine.
  • One thing that made me feel better: my mom pointed out that babies don't have a good sense of how much time passes, especially when they are so young and sleep so much. Its really much harder on us than our LO's.
    Also, I was around a lot for DS, and my sister was our nanny, so he didn't even have a "nanny" feel. It is 100 X harder to leave him with someone now that he's 2 since he's never done it. Dropping him off somewhere? Forget about it. There's an advantage to letting that be the norm they know from the start.
  • My children have to be in daycare part time (two days a week, other days they are with family) and we have been with our center since 2008 and love them. Still, it is hard to go back to work after each maternity leave is over and it takes some adjustment. Usually the baby does better than mom ;) even though I try to remember I do love having my kids in there for social & educational reasons. I feel like they get much more there than they would at home with just me. We will be starting this baby at 12 weeks. Part of me wants to stay home forever, but then again I do relish getting back to a routine again and having more adult time at work.
  • When DS went to Day Care there were a few things that helped me. First, I went and spent a few hours on two different days in the infant room where he would be so I could see how their days went, get used to the staff and get him used to it. Truth be told, it was just for me - as PP's have said, they honestly don't notice when they are that young. It is DEFINITELY way harder on us than them. It is also good that she is starting young because it will be an easier transition and you won't have to deal with the separation anxiety later. The other thing I did that made it easier on me - I made DH do the first drop off!! I knew there was no way I would leave and definitely no way I would not cry!! Did it still suck? Yep, you betchya it did, but it got better with each day and they were great about letting me call anytime to see how he was doing and the staff would text me and send photos of him, which I found so helpful! I definitely would try to get her used to a bottle a few weeks before so she takes it and in case you have to try a few different types of bottles - just have DH give her the bottle since she is used to the boob from you and may not take it. I know how much it sucks, but honestly it is good for her - she will learn socialization and such there.

  • I will be leaving our little one with a nanny at 6 weeks. I'm thankful that she'll be in her own environment and will be geting one on one care but I know it's going to be so hard to leave her. I personally know our nanny and she's the sweetest person so that helps knowing she's in good hands. I know it's def going to be hardest for me. LO will be a week tomorrow and my husband is already returning to work in the am.. I know he's dreading it and I feel for him!
  • I think I need to just keep telling myself what most of you have said, that its harder on me than her. I had a hormonal breakdown last week and cried to DH about how she wont get the attention I give her ar a daycare and I was just so upset over it. Maybe I will go up to the daycare @Miz_Liz DSD went to this daycare previously and I had picked it out for her and I really loved them, but she started there when she was 4, so I havent spent time with the infant staff, nor have I really seen the infant rooms. Maybe seeing them will help and letting them interact with DD some!
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