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I'm actually on the September board, but my due date is 9/30 and I honestly expect to have an October baby. I'm just wondering if anyone else is planning a homebirth and if so, what do you have done so far to prep?

Re: Homebirth???

  • Due Oct 01st but I'm expecting it to be late September. .

    Planned home waterbirth!
    We have tub & birth supplies ready to go.

    To Do:
    Wash extra bed sheets & have ready
    Have pile of towels and blankets washed & ready
    Build glider
    Deep clean the house (hopefully nesting kicks this one into gear)
    Wait for baby to show up♡

    I finally behave like a normal functioning person and keep up with cleaning daily so when I deep clean it's not too much work.
    We are SO EXCITED!
  • Awesome! You are due the day after me!! We got all of our birth supplies ordered and organized. Our house is pretty clean but we will be shampooing the carpets soon. I am planning a waterbirth too and so excited for it! We had our midwife appointment and it was awesome to be talking so much about the labor process and after birth! I am so excited to experience birth this way. This is my 2nd and first birth left me feeling disappointed.
  • You can make the bed with a plastic liner and layer the sheets over it so if you end up in bed they can just strip it and you have fresh sheets under.

    I have my birth kit on the way. And am aping for supplies as soon as we move into our new place. Next week. Eek. Cutting it close but it's my third time and i feel like i know exactly what i want and need. ..we'll see.
  • With my first one I had a planned at home waterbirth. Had a non-emergency transfer.

    With this one no homebirth midwives in my area were available so I'm planning a waterbirth at a birth center with a nurse midwife.

    When planning for my homebirth last year, my midwife gave me a list of things I would need. One of the best suggestions she made is at around 36 weeks, get a tarp or plastic liner, put it on your bed and have an old sheet over it. My water broke and gushed all over the bed- I was greatful my bed didn't stain or get wet!

    Good luck with your homebirth. I labored at home for 17 hours and it was the most relaxing thing.

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