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Pupps postpartum? Anyone else?

about a week ago I developed welts over my stretch marks and a few itchy bumps. Since then the bumps have spread all over my thighs legs arms ankles.. It's extremely itchy and irritated! I've googled photos and it looks like pupps however when I called my Dr office the nurse told me it only happens during pregnancy and delivery cures it. If it's not pupps then what is it?! Nothing has changed for me- eating drinking detergents etc. I'm breastfeeding my little boy so if you have any suggestions to cure or curb this itch please let me know!

Re: Pupps postpartum? Anyone else?

  • It's PUPPS.

    I had the exact same thing happen to me after my son was born at the end of July. About a week postpartum I developed a horrible itchy rash all over my legs and thighs, and in my stretch marks. I looked up the PUPPS rash and mine looked exactly like one. I was concerned at first so I went to my doctor and she had no idea what it was and told me just to take benadryl. Useless. So I looked online and found something other women raved about called pine tar soap. I showered with it once a day and within 3 days it was gone. Highly recommended!
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  • Thank you! Buying this soap immediately!!
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    Oh my gosh same here. I had stretch marks during my pregnancy and after i had my daughter they started to get red and raised. They itched so bad and now have created welts in spots all over my body. I went to the doctor Wednesday and she said it couldn't be PUPPS and asked if I had changed anything in my routine, which I hadn't. She put me on a six day steroid. I had to pump and dump for two days. I'm on day 3 of the pill and am noticing a little change. I hope by day 6 its gone. If not I'm buying that soap!
  • Pine tar soap is amazing. It cured me within a week.
  • This is giving me hope! I'm on day two of the soap, using a couple times a day whenever the itching is getting out of hand. It helps for a while. I went to my OB today and they told me there's no way it's pupps and thought it was an allergic reaction to something. I asked if it could do with liver kidney or thyroid functions after pregnancy and the nurse didn't seem to have an answer besides - it only happens in pregnancy. Anyone else do bloodwork or function testing that I should ask about when I see my dermatologist and primary?
  • Also did you use anything else besides the soap? What did you do when the itching flared up again? I'm wondering if the more I scratch the more it spreads?
  • How often do you use the pine tar soap?
  • I also used some dry skin cream to help a few times a day. I guess your supposed to shower with that soap 3 times a day. But I only could get the time to take one shower a day with my newborn lol. The more you scratch it the more it will just get irritated again and have a harder time going away. That's what I found with mine anyway. So try not to itch too much (I know it's hard, believe me) using the cream will help a bit too. I didn't have any bloodwork done with mine.but I'm pretty sure we all just have PUPPS and the doctors don't know what their talking about lol
  • @thisbis I had 2 allergic reactions. One was a localized reaction to the steri strips on my incision. Then I had a systemic allergic reaction to a medication. At 7 days PP it was an itchy rash from my Breasts to my knees by 9 days PP it was hives from my neck to my toes. At 12 days the hives starting turning back into the red itching bumps. Now at 16 days the rash is gone but I have random itchy spots all over. Dr said steroids was the only way to clear it up quickly but you can't take them while BFing.

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    I also read (because being up in the middle of night is so fun ha!) that there is a link between hormones and histamine release. That estrogen can trigger a major histamine release (that causes rash itching and allergic symptoms). There are even special diets relating to it. I guess in excess your body builds a histamine intolerance? Now I'm not sure if this is the reason why but it's worth talking to the dr about- perhaps there's a way to check these hormones and balance them out. I do believe allergy pills and steroids work but if there's an internal thing to correct this is the best bet. Maybe this is why some women clear right away or suddenly after birth while others take longer. Depends on how quickly your body sorts through the hormones? Idk ladies I'm still lost. I've been to my ob primary and derm - all three recommended allergy pills and had no clue what caused it. I suppose we have to be our own advocates sometime! Otherwise I know whatever we eat comes out in the skin so unless it has something to do with constipation or not eating well enough..? Pine tar soap is great though to relieve the itch temporarily. I've also been using gold bond anti itch lotion. That combination works for a couple of hours for me.
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