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Waking up my 1 week old

I know that within the first 2 weeks you are suppose to wake up the baby to feed every 2 hours.  My LO gives me the hardest time waking up for this and it caused her to lose a lot of weight the first few days.  Thankfully we have started supplementing with formula so she is no longer starving but does anyone have any advice on how to wake up a newborn who prefers to sleep?

So far we try diaper changes, skin-to-skin, tickling the bottom of her feet and picking her up and trying different position to wake her up.  Usually the whole process of waking her up takes about an hour to hour and a half.  

Any suggestions would be great!!! 

Re: Waking up my 1 week old

  • I used a wet wash cloth and rubbed it all over my little guy. Sometimes it would do the trick and other times it wouldn't! Good luck momma!
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  • I used a cold soda can or wet washcloth because my first child, my son, was exactly like that. BF'ing didn't work and this became less of a problem after a few weeks and once he was on formula.
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  • Wet wash cloth and when needed ice cubes. My daughter is just starting to get a little easier at 13 days. Hang in there!
  • We would get him down to just a diaper (without intentionally going for skin-to-skin since that usually just makes DS curl up and get cozy), use a wet washcloth or wipe, lightly blow on his face, tickle/rub the side of his cheek, blow on his hair, talk loudly to him, turn on all of the lights or open the blinds.   
  • Every 2 hours? Baby is probably not hungry yet. I was told not to wake my baby, but with my older LOs it was every 3 hours. I think every 2 is too often.
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  • I agree with PP. Baby is still young and needs to sleep. I've always been told wake every 3 hrs until babe hits birth weight. If you are still concerned, it may be easier to wake every 2 hrs during the day and 3 hrs at night. This is said assuming there is no medical issues.
  • Every healthcare professional is different. My baby lost 6 oz because the hospital told me to feed on demand and he was a sleeper. Even once I started to have to wake him it could be a 15 minute process. At my first dr appt when his weight was 7 lbs 2 ozs, down from 7 lbs 8 ozs my doctor had me feed every 1-1.5 hours and he gained 2 ounces in one day. After his weight was on track she told me the window of 1-3 hours for eating is just a window. She expects most 4 week old babies to be getting to the 3 hour mark but before that likes babies eating every 1-2. Then some doctors say don't wake them. Now my baby eats a lot during the day so I let him sleep more at night and only wake him after 5 hours. I let his weight tell me how things are going for now.
  • Weight was an issue when we left the hospital and they still told me I didnt have to wake her until the 3 hour mark. We are over birth weight now and I just let her sleep. She never makes it past the 4 hour mark, but yesterday she was seriously awake almost the whole day after taking a nap earlier than normal and sleeping until 11, but nursing often throughout the day. We put her down at 9 and she slept 6 hours until 3. She woke up and let DH change her diaper with no fussiness just some hunger cues and got to me and let me settle in to position without getting fussy, so my.thoughts are that was fine for her. Im just listening to my baby and what shes telling me. Shes 17 days old now.
  • Changing DD's diaper usually gets her to wake up for a feeding. Now that she is above her birth weight, I am waking her every 3hrs during the day and 4-5hrs at night. Before that it was 2-3hrs during the day and 3-3.5hrs at night.

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