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Wheezing sound every and after feeding

Has any of you experienced this with your LO? He seems congested but it's not because of a cough or cold... And what do you do? I heard that using Saline Drops helps... Any tips FTM's? Thank u!!

Re: Wheezing sound every and after feeding

  • Ask your pediatrician about it at the next visit.  DS is a pretty noisy breather, and it was worse after eating, and I didn't think too much of it.  But a lot of people asked if he had a cold, so I asked at his two-month check-up, and the doctor thinks he has laryngomalacia (which is just a floppy larynx) that sounds a little worse due to reflux.

    I googled it, and it scared the shit out of me, but those were all severe cases I was coming across, which is rather rare, and DS is just mild.  As long as the LO's are gaining weight (because they're burning extra calories with their noisy breathing) and are breathing fine, it's no problem, and 90% of kiddos with it simply outgrow it, and there's no medical intervention needed. 
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  • That can be a sign of GRRD (aggressive reflux)...are you seeing any other signs of reflux? If so, you can try zantac.
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  • This is often associated with reflux. Definitely worth talking to your Dr about. In the meantime try to keep LO elevated for 30 minutes after each feed.
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