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How do I put both kids to bed?!?!?

its the first night DH is away and I had both kids crying at DS1 bedtime. What's the trick? I ended up with the oldest in my bed. Ugh! Help!
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Re: How do I put both kids to bed?!?!?

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  • Agree with PP. I have been playing with baby's feeds during the day to try to ensure she is either fed or sleeping by the time nap comes around for the other girls. I have had to nurse while putting them down several times which was hard but we managed. If all else fails...feed, change, burp baby, and then put him/her down in a safe spot and attend to your other kiddo. A little bit of fussing or crying will be okay on baby's part. Good luck. Bedtime/nap time are seriously friggin olympic events in my household.
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  • Excellent question! I'm wondering the same thing myself. Like you breezymeema nap time is an Olympic event at our place so I have no idea how it will work!!
  • I'm just jealous nap time still exists at your house! However DS is a morning sleeper, so I can't complain too much.

  • I am nervous about this! DH works a swing shift and Monday will be his first afternoon shift so I have to do bedtime for both kids by myself. DD usually is due to eat at DS's bedtime so it should be fun!

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