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afraid I pushed too hard

Hello all, My daughter is 2.5 We recently started trying to potty train.  We let her put on big girl panties and brought her potty out into the living room.  The first day she had lots of accidents.  We didn't make it a big deal.  We just asked her frequently if she wanted to go on the potty.  The next few days she did great.  We rewarded her with chocolate milk and stickers that she gets to put on a chart.  After those several days, though, she seemed to go backwards.  She didn't want to sit on the potty and just kept peeing through her underwear onto the floor.  We still did diapers for naps, bed, and leaving the house.

I should mention we also have a different child care person on different days.  Mondays its my MIL, Tuesdays its my mom and dad, Wednesdays I am home with her, Thursdays my husband is home with her, and Fridays its my MIL again.  I don't know if that plays a roll or not.

This past several days, she has pretty much refused to try the potty. I keep asking her frequently if she has to go or if she wants to use her potty.  I have also tried no panties and just bare bottom. She has, without any prompting, pooped on the potty multiple times.  She does not seem to want to pee on the potty though.  I tried offering the chocolate milk and stickers if she peed on the potty.  I tried asking if she wanted to use the big girl potty like her friend.  I tried telling her that she is a big girl now and can pee in the potty so she doesn't have to wear diapers like a baby.

Yesterday at church she told her teacher that she peed so she changed her.  Today, my MIL left her in a diaper and just gave her the option.  She would tell my MIL when she was peeing but didn't seem interested in the potty.  My MIL asked her after one of the diaper changes if she wanted to try big girl panties and she said yes, but a little while later just squatted on the floor.  When my MIL said lets go get on the potty, she seemed reluctant and then didn't go anymore.  

I'm worried we pushed her too hard and I feel terrible.  I'm up right now posting this because I can't sleep.  We have number 2 coming in August so I thought we would try to get potty training out of the way.  I never got mad at her for having any accidents, but I'm still worried that we discouraged her somehow.  

The past few nights she has also peed through her diaper at night so now I'm worried that maybe shes holding it during the day more?  I don't want to cause her to get a UTI.  I'm so worried.  What should I do now?  Keep her in diapers and just give her the option? Keep her in panties and keep pushing the potty training?

Any and all advice welcome.  Thanks!
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Re: afraid I pushed too hard

  • It sounds like she is not quite ready. I would just follow her lead. When she asks or shows interest in the potty then put her on. My daughter is 2. Some days, she asks constantly to use the potty and then here are days that go by before she asks again. She has pooped in the potty a couple of times but never peed. Lol.. the first time she asked and took her diaper off she almost made it but ended up peeing on the bathroom floor. My babysitter does the same. She will put her on there is she asks but we don't force it.  
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  • Are you going to have a window of 3-5 days were you can consistently be the one training her and you don't leave the house? I think she is getting to many mixed messages. It's okay to pee in a diaper for this person or when we leave the house etc.

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  • DD1 is currently about 2 1/2 yrs old and we have been trying for awhile to potty train she lost interest and I'm currently 7 months pregnant with DD#2 so I wasn't going to fight her until I figured something out that would make it enjoyable for her.

    She loves to help.
    help me up from the couch, help me up from the floor, help me open the fridge.. etc..
    Now bc I use the restroom so often I will tell her "mommy is going potty, are you going to help mommy potty?" And she will YELL "POTTY!! Come on mommy let's go potty"
    So I have her little traning potty sitting across from the big "mommy potty" and she will go in and basically copy me. Take off the fiaper, sit down and pee or poop.
    We have also gotten her on it as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Walk her out of bed straight to the potty and tell her she needs to at least try to potty.
    Then there are times during the day when I won't have to go but I will tell her I need help on the potty just to get her in there to sit on it. I will pretend like I am sitting on the big potty trying to pee.

    Next we will start putting her on it before bath/showers. She loves taking a bath or shower so.i will start telling her she has to try to potty before she can play in water, then before and after each meal. when we get to that point (most likely when she is in the habit of using it in the morning when she wakes up, just taking it one step at a time).
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