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Survived the ER...

survived the retrieval. Crampy and tired bit good! They got 15 eggs. Hope a few are good at the end.

Re: Survived the ER...

  • Great yield!! Congrats and FX for lots of little blasties for you! Glad it went well and rest up tomorrow!
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  • Hooray!! Fx for you!!
    Me 30 || DH 36
    Unexplained Infertility- Postive for MTHFR Gene Mutation

    Natural cycles with 1 miscarriage
    -3 IUI's w/ Clomid= BFN 
    -IVF #1-Follistim and Menopur= BFN
    ***11 Eggs, 10 mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 1 (day 5) 2 made it to freeze
    -FET #1- Transferred 2, day 5 embryos =BFN
    -IVF #2- Follistim and Menopur = BFN
    ***11 retrieved, 8 mature, 6 fertilized, transferred 2 (day 3), 4 made it to freeze (Follistim and Menopur) = BFN
    -FET #2- Transferred 2, day 3 embryos = BFN
    **Changed doctor**
    -IUI #4- natural cycle = BFN
    -IUI #5- Follistim (5 eggs) BFP- lead to Miscarriage  :'(
    -Laproscopic Surgery for Endometriosis, Polyp removal and Cyst removal. 
    -IVF #3- Menopur, Follistim, Lupron, Ganirellex- BFP lead to Eptopic Pregnancy  :'(
    ***11 Eggs retrieved, 10 Mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 3 embryos (day 3), 0 made it to freeze
    -Lapropscopic surgery- Removal of Fallopian Tube
    -IVF #4- Estrogen Priming with Vivelle dot, Menopur, Follistim, Ganirellex- BFP  :)
    ***15 Eggs retreived, 11 mature, 11 fertilized, 2 embryos transferred (day 3), 2 made it to freeze
    Found out I was positive for MTHFR Gene Mutation during TWW of IVF #4

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  • Glad it went well! Great number of eggs, fx for a good fertilization report! Relax and drink lots of water.
    Me: 40  
    TTC #1: 3 years
    Me: Type II Diabetic
    Started with RE 11/2014
    Going through IUI with Donor Sperm

  • @Joyzie77 how are you feeling today? Has the cramping and tiredness gone away somewhat?
  • @HBamama2B . My stomach is still bothering me. I'm less tired though. I haven't heard from them today yet though!!!
  • Good! Glad you're doing well! FX for you!
  • Those are great numbers GL I hope you get some good quality blastocysts! When are you doing your transfer?
    Me - 32 
    Husband - 32
    TTC #1 - since 10/16/2012 
    IVF#1 6/2015 BFN 
    FET 7/2015 - BFP

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  • @MKLEWIS2010 ...thank you. As of Friday we had 9 out of the 15. Monday will give us a better idea. I have to wait for AF to start the protocol for the transfer because we are doing a frozen transfer and PGS. I think it might be a few weeks. More waiting time!
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