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Should I wake him?

My baby is two weeks old and usually pretty good at waking up to eat every 2-3 hours. However once or twice a day he'll sleep for 5 hours without eating. Should I be waking him up to eat or keep letting him sleep?

Re: Should I wake him?

  • MyCousinVinnyMyCousinVinny member
    edited August 2015
    Let him sleep! As long as he has regained his birth weight, there's no real reason to wake him.  Although I wouldn't let him sleep longer than 5 hours without a feed.
  • Ask your pediatrician. They should have s nurse line to answer quick questions, never hesitate to call. Our baby took a few weeks to get back up to his birthweight so we had to wake him (but he was pretty used to waking himself when hungry). Once he hit his weight we got the ok to let him sleep. It's a matter of their blood sugar dropping if they go too long without, too, that early on.
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