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Baby Going By Middle Name?

Our boy name is William Sawyer, with William being a family name. Knowing William is common and loving the name Sawyer, what are your thoughts on a child going by their middle name? Too confusing or not that big of a deal?

Re: Baby Going By Middle Name?

  • Not a big deal, I know quite a few people who do this, especially if the first name is a family name.
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  • If you are planning on calling him Sawyer, use Sawyer William. 
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  • My DH is named after his dad, however he goes by nn of his middle name. Everyone knows him as Billy but his fn is Michael. Man, people were so confused when we sent out wedding invitations

    I love the name Sawyer.

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  • Too confusing. It just makes things harder for no reason. Just use Sawyer William.
  • It's a pain.  My husband and DS1 go by their middle names and I'll never allow it again. Due 1.10.19
  • I have also always gone by my middle name and it's horrendously annoying.  While I like the way my full name sounds and I do prefer my middle name, it is one giant pain in the A.  It's one thing if a person decides on their own to go by their middle name at some point, but based on my experience, it's cruel and unusual and I'd NEVER do it to my child.
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    Just use sawyer William..
  • I agree with PPs. While sawyer is not my favourite name in the world, if that is what you want to call him then just name him that.
    I think it also largely depends on the child. If you name him William sawyer but he decides he doesn't like being called sawyer, that could throw a wrench in your plan to use his middle name as a name.
  • I think if there is a real reason for using William as his first name, like he's being named after someone special to you... then yeah, use William Sawyer. It'll make life a little
    more annoying for him but he will hopefully appreciate being named after someone special.

    But really, unless it means that much to you to use William as the fn, just name him Sawyer William and be done with it.
  • I don't understand why you wouldn't name your child with the name you want to call him. Sawyer is a good name, it's not like it's super weird and he wouldn't want it on a job application.
  • I'm not a fan of Sawyer. I'd stick with William and find another way to address him, it's a great name. Will, Willie, Bill, Liam, Jr
  • Thanks for the insight. They're both family names, however William has a much stronger lineage on both sides, hence really wanting to use it first with the caveat that we already have a family full of William, Bills, Wills, Billy's etc. 
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