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How do you tell people they can't be the "mother" of your baby?

I haven't been able to care for my son the way I would like to since my fiancés and my family want to take over. Yes we are young parents, but I want us to BE THE PARENTS!

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  • Just be honest.
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  • Agreed. Just flat out say something. Take charge and let them know its your child and you are perfectly comfortable caring for them yourself.
  • My hubby and I are living with my parents at the moment. My mum can get a little overwhelming. She'll walk in to our granny flat to take the baby for cuddles or offer cuddles or bottle feeds to friends/family that come around.

    I don't know your whole situation or what your families are like but take control and make the situation work for you. In the beginning I would flat out say no and then tell my mum what was going to happen or come in for a cuddle later when we were done feeding, or Bub was awake.

    It's great. When I need a break or a good nap I'll ask my mum or dad if they want to take Bub for a few hours/until the next feed.

    Your parents will always parent you but they are your child's grandparents. Let them know what kind of relationship/involvement You'd prefer by offering cuddles and asking for help and taking control everywhere else. Wether that is Cuddles, babysitting for a few hours and or a quick hold while you rush off to the bathroom etc.

    Best of luck :D

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