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Oct. 1 mamas are 35 weeks with 35 days to go!  Congrats!!!! You are in the home stretch. >:D< <:-P

Re: 35/35!

  • Woo hoo! I'm October 7th but will be induced around that date due to GD. We are almost there.
  • Yaaay oCT 1st!!!!!!!
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  • yay!! anyone think they might have a September baby?  hehe
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  • Ahhhhh!! It's so close!! Congrats October 1st mommas!


    O'15 September Siggy Challenge -- Third Trimester Woes
  • I am actually due September 28th, hanging out in October because I will probably be late.  I just surpassed this also!  So exciting!
  • Wooo!!! I am scheduled for my c-section October 2nd. I feel like the last 30 days will be the longest!
  • Oct 2nd due date here as well. Feel like end of Sept. could be possible, but we will see. Had an ultrasound yesterday and he is head down and running out of room :) can't wait to meet my boy, I am getting impatient :)

  • I'm due Oct 01st !!

    @Rikki_5 I had signs of possible preterm labor last night/ this morning, I'm hoping she cooks until OCT but she may show up in Sept.
  • I'm Oct 3rd but I know he's coming early.
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  • Oh yay that's me !
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