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Mystery Poo

I'm a first time mom! Baby is four weeks. My whole pregnancy and labor was a breeze. About two weeks ago things started getting a bit hairy. Well to be honest, the moment I brought my little one home I had a million questions and insecurities. Now that has subsided a bit, I still question small stuff.

Mílo was spitting up a lot and fussing immediately after eating. He also seemed to have trouble sleeping and grunted ALOT. So the Dr gave him medicine for acid reflux. I started to notice it working but then I started to notice him grunting more than usual. Almost like he was having trouble pooping. So my mom mentioned that if he had diarrhea he might just need a change of formula. I snapped a pic of his poo (which I thought looked normal. at least that's what Google made me believe) and she was like yup, no doubt about it. He has diarrhea. He's SO FUSSY and I just want him to feel good. He never sleeps for a substantial amount of time. He has a Dr appointment soon and I'm going to address these issuse. Just wondering what y'all thought of the mystery poo. Diarrhea or not?

Re: Mystery Poo

  • Look like a normal infant poopy diaper, diarrhea is extremely watery in infants. The stool should be loose and range between brown yellow and green and look like it had seeds in it sometimes. If stool is black or red with blood or baby is constipated contact Dr immediately.
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  • Hhmm does look kinda watery at the top. My baby has seedy stringy poop.
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