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Immune to Novacaine

Hi, so I am wondering if there are any other mothers(preferably not first time for the answers) that are immune to lidocaine/novacaine. While I intend to have a natural birth, I am wondering if an epidural would even work or for how long, since the analgesic agents used are the kind my body has become immune to (yes this does happen, no I don't want to debate anyone who thinks it's impossible just because you've never heard of it before).
I am reaching out 1to see if there are any other mothers in my boat and 2if you have tried an epidural, how did it go-was it able to even kick in, or last as long?

Re: Immune to Novacaine

  • So what are you given if you have to have a tooth filled?
  • ewhitledgeewhitledge member
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    Don't have this issue, however, wanted to chime in that epidurals are not solely lidocaine/novacaine/ropivicaine. They also contain a narcotic pain medication. The hospital I work at is ropivicaine and fentanyl.
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