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DD not taking bottles anymore

Our DD is refusing all bottles now she was doing fine started bottles about 3 weeks and no problems would take any and all bottles but we stuck with tommee tippee. Now at 2m 2w refusing bottles it takes everyone else a while to get her latched to the bottle then she will only drink very little and then stop taking it. With me she will take the bottle after a little fighting but still only drink very little and this is pumped bm. Not sure what to do I left work early twice already to feed her because she wasn't eating and screaming nonstop. Now I'm saying we have to force her to take the bottles and wait it out. Of course I will feed her if she isn't eating but cannot leave work every day. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Re: DD not taking bottles anymore

  • I have the same problem. Baby is 11 weeks.. Have you tried a spoon? That was an online suggestion.
  • My son was very similar when I went back to work last week. I also had to leave to feed him because he only drank an ounce of pumped milk in 5 hours. I switched to dr Browns bottles and he likes those a lot better.... On Friday he took all 4 bottles from his teacher!! Good luck- I know how stressful it can be at work when you're always worried that your baby isn't eating. Hopefully trying other nipples and bottles will help!
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  • Try a Sippy cup! We had the same problem. LO is 10 weeks. We got the MAM trainer Sippy cup. It comes with a soft spout and a faster flow nipple. She likes the spout. Maybe because it's nothing like breastfeeding. She gets more milk and it's fun for her to play with.
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