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Pacifier and breast feeding

I have a wonderfully happy 3 day old. I was just able to get him to latch, but each time he does it now, he releases and screams! He wants his pacifier 24/7, he isn't acting hungry (other than just wanting his pacifier), he cries without ians when he has it he is so content. My milk hasn't come in yet. So the nurse and I gave him about 5ml of formula via the s&s system (which is just drawing it up in a syringe and releasing it near his mouth as he is nursing. I'm worried about the breast feeding and the pacifier... Should I be?

Re: Pacifier and breast feeding

  • I gave my LO a pacifier in the hospital because I was desperate. She wanted to suck constantly and I wasn't getting any sleep. After that night I didn't give her one until about week 2. She's doing fine using the pacifier , breastfeeding and drinking from a bottle. Each baby is different though.
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  • As pp wrote my baby is the same is that he wanted to constantly suck and eat i ended up giving him formula besides breast feeding. I did give the pacifier to him earlier when he was about 5 days old and he still latches good ( he'd rather have my boob or a bottle then a pacifier anyway) but all babies are different too.
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