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Baby sleeping too much?

Is it possible for your baby to sleep too much?? I know moms don't want to hear baby is sleeping too much LOL but since the first day we brought her home she slept 5 hours straight on day one and it has gone up since then (dr never told us to wake her she's formula fed because post birth I developed a heart condition it's not safe to BF on the meds) now she's 5 months and sleeps 11-13 hrs through the night and takes 3 sometimes 4 naps a day sometimes they're only an hour but lately they're 3 even sometimes 4 hours and I'm worried it's too much I usually am waking her up and she's super smiley and giggly when up and is meeting milestones she's almost able to sit up on her own she eats cereal and we started introducing fruits and veggies she's def sleeping more since she started solids I just wanted to know if that's ok or if we should worry about it?!?!?! Thanks :)

Re: Baby sleeping too much?

  • She should be fine. Ask her pediatrician if you're really concerned. Babies brains and bodies grow when they sleep, so just think of it as she's getting bigger and smarter!!! Lucky mommy :)
  • Our LO has always been a good sleeper. In fact, when I breastfed, we were told to wake her up because she wouldn't wake up to eat and was losing weight. It took us 45 minutes to wake her up to eat! Now, she will sleep all night and take 3 to 4 naps during the day. She just LOVES her sleep! Is your baby really active when she is awake? My daughter is constantly moving her arms and legs and rolling over when she is awake, and I think she has a really high metabolism and has to sleep because she just wears herself out. (She takes after her daddy!) 
  • My LO has always been a good sleeper, too (to the point where I won't usually admit it to other moms because of the wrath that could Sounds like your daughter is doing just fine. She just likes her sleep!
  • Sounds a lot like my daughter! It's good to know other moms out there are dealing with the other side of the sleep issue because it seems everyone I know has babies that don't slee and I'm over here worrying because she's slept 7-8 hours/night starting at 6 weeks. If your pediatrician isn't concerned and she is meeting milestones and gaining weight, I wouldn't worry and would tend to agree with the moms that say sleep is when they are growing.
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