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I'm so sad!

my baby's father has decided not to be in the picture, and I can't get out of this funk because of it, I'm sad ALL THE TIME it feels like. How do I help myself with this sad feeling?!

Re: I'm so sad!

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    I'm so sorry, I can only imagine how difficult this must be, and so much to have to think about and deal with. I'd say talk to someone professionally who can offer coping and healthy ways to take care of yourself during this stress. Maybe also mom groups, le leche league or local gatherings for single moms? Community will help I would think? No matter what you'll be okay and you can do this! You're a mother and the strongest you'll ever be, so take comfort in knowing how much your baby loves you! ❤️
  • Take care of yourself whatever that means for you. Being in nature. Yoga. Anything that helps.
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  • Oh wow I'm so sorry. Forget about him and focus on your baby. He's not worth a thought of tear. Good luck to you.
    TTC for Baby #1 for 3 years. After 2 failed IUI's & IVFs, God blessed us with our miracle :).  FET 12/17/15 (transferred 2 embryos at 5days). First Beta 12/29/15 = 354. Second Beta 12/31/15 = 694. Third Beta 1/7/16 = 6,695.  Finally heard his heartbeat (126)  on 1/14/16 @ our 1st US.  2nd US on 1/21/16, HR was 159.  The most beautiful sound ever :) 
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