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"Sludge" Found at 20 Week Scan

Hi ladies, I usually post in the January 2016 board. I hope it's ok I post here, I searched for my answers, but the most recent similar topic was from 2014.

Yesterday I had my 20 week scan and baby looked great. Then the tech checked my cervix and I could tell right away, it didn't look "right". When my doctor came in he said my cervix was short, 1.9 cm and he was sending me to the high risk doctor. He said usually they would put a cerclage in and go from there. I, however, have "sludge" or "debris" at the top of my cervix.

A little background, I've been pregnant twice. My first (daughter) I lost at 16 weeks. No one could ever give me any answers as to why. 5 years later and a new OB, I had my son at 34 weeks when my water suddenly broke. 2 weeks in the NICU, but otherwise a healthy baby.

Well I made the mistake of googling this "sludge." Not very much information out there and its all pretty frightening. Apparently it's associated with preterm labor. I'm already on progesterone shots (Makena), which I started at 16 weeks.

I guess I'm just hoping someone out there has some experience with "sludge"...? I'm waiting to hear from the high risk doctor and trying to remain positive in the mean time.

Re: "Sludge" Found at 20 Week Scan

  • Hey there, I am not sure what a "sludge on the cervix" is but I have a shortened cervix too. I found out at 20 weeks, I was placed on progesterone and have been monitored every week since. I am now 24 weeks, praying that I make it to my goal of 30 weeks. At my last appt. the doctors did look at my fluid levels and right now it is listed as normal. My doctors and I decided I would not do the cerclage even though my cervix measures between 1.5cm and 2.0cm because it's been the same size since week 20. Plus there are more risk to doing the cerclage. However, I do not have a history of preterm delivery so they are treating my case differently.
    Continue to stay positive, stress just makes everything worse.  
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  • Thanks for your response. So you aren't on bed rest? The high risk doctor can't get me until next Friday, that feels so long when I just want to know what the deal is. Like what is sludge? Horrible term. They also put me on bed rest, which doesn't feel possible with an active 2 year old. i guess I'm just scared, wishing I could get some answers from the doctors.

    Thanks again, it's always nice hearing from people in similar situations.
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  • My doctors did not put me on bed rest because they think it might do more harm. Which confuses me because so many other women in the same situation are placed on bed rest. The doctors don't want me to do any strenuous activities. I do work a desk job and I feel overwhelmed working M-F. I know having a 2 year old with this cannot be easy, hopefully you do get some rest. 

    I hope everything works out in your favor. I've been reading differ women's stories about short cervix and there are so many positive outcomes. I wish you the best. 
  • Thank you so much! They took me off bed rest and are just going to check me every 2 weeks. I guess there is a test that tells the dr if I'm going to deliver in the next 2 weeks.

    I appreciate your kind words and wish you the best in your pregnancy.
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