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6wks - Why is my baby eating all the time??

My DS is 6 wks old and seems to eat ALL the time. He sleeps for an hour or two every few hours, but when he's awake all he wants to do is eat. He screams and cries if he doesn't get either the bottle or my breast. And then he'll just spit a good majority of it back up. My husband and I have tried to give a pacifier to try and satisfy the sucking motion, but he just spits them out. I understand that there is a growth spurt around this time frame which could be contributing to this need to eat?
He is getting over a cold atm too.... and fluids of course are very important during this time. But when he spits it all back up it becomes extrememly discouraging. :(
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!!


  • 6 weeks is a growth spurt, all they do is sleep and eat during those. Thankfully it should only last a day or two..hang in there!
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  • Also, it may seem like a lot that he's spitting up but I doubt it's everything. I was worried about this too and so I compared what 2oz looked like on a spitup rag to what she was really spitting up and it's quite less.
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  • Maybe reflux? My son was like that around six weeks. He wanted to eat constantly to sooth the pain and he would spit up also.
  • Mine has been eating for the last 4-5 hours and still wants more!!...this has been going on for about 3 days now! Please tell me it's ending soon, it just seems to be getting worse.
  • Growth spurts can last up to a week or two...

    Different babies get over those growth humps at different rates. My daughter had quick ones and my son was a long-distance growth spurter. Lots of water and basically camp out with baby on the boob.

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  • Sounds like he is cluster feeding... It should go away with some time. It's pretty common for breast fed babes. They love doing it at night especially. Not super convenient.
  • I'm going through that with my 12 day old. Thank God for the glider and boppy pillow, saving my back and arms
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