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Antibiotics while breastfeeding

My lo is only 10 days old and my doctors office just called and told me I have a slight bladder infection and want me to start on antibiotics. While I know it's safe to breastfeed while on them I keep seeing that almost everyone complains about a significant decrease in supply. I have been pumping since I came home from the hospital and have a pretty good supply already I just feel like it is still way to early to introduce a bottle. Anyone have any suggestions or have dealt with this? I'm so heart broken about it already.

Re: Antibiotics while breastfeeding

  • What are you asking exactly? Yes it is safe to BF while on antibiotics. DID you tell your doc you were BFing? They will make sure to give you something especially safe if you ask them. Regarding supply, NO antibiotics have nothing to do with decreasing supply. I had to take amoxicillin twice during the last 6 months, once for a very severe sinus infection (resultant from RSV, bronchitis and ear infection) and also for an infected root canal. Neither time had any bad impact on my supply. If you get dehydrated from being sick then yah, your supply might go down. But I doubt you will be dehydrated from a UTI. Finally, what does introducing bottles have to do with antibiotics?
  • I made sure to ask the nurse if it was safe and she said yes, but I've just seen multiple people say on my local LLC say that doctors would tell them it wouldn't affect supply but it would. If I'm not making enough for her to eat I would obviously have to feed her some other way, hence having to introduce bottles early. I'm a FTM so I'm clueless to most of this, but isn't that's why this forum is here?
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  • I've never heard of antibiotics decreasing supply. Continue to nurse your baby and watch her dirty diapers. Make sure you stay well hydrated!
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