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Is 5 oz for a 3 week old too much?

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My son will be 3 weeks on Saturday, he recently started eating 4 oz every 3-4 hours and now he's wanting more when he is done. Is 5 oz too much for his age? Is it just a growth spurt that will stop in a few days?

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  • Its telling me that someone answered this but I can't see anything
  • If your LO is drinking that much then keep giving it.

    This. I have a really big 3 month old who is growing like a weed and he's now drinking 6 oz of breast milk every 2.5 hours. Your baby knows what he needs.
  • Thanks everyone! Very helpful!!
  • My 8 Wo had doctor today and we were giving her 5 ounces at 10 pounds and doctor thought that was too much. Said do 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. Hope that helps
  • I also had that! My baby is 5 weeks now and can drink 6 oz. her doctor said whatever she wants is what u give. At this age it's all about your LO gaining weight.
  • Babies don't overeat until they grow up and discover junk food. Follow baby's lead when it comes to feeding. They know what they need.
  • My pediatrician said to give baby what it wants, and feed on demand. Babies will not usually over LO'S mouth is a steal trap when she's done or she will push the nipple around with her tongue lol
  • Baby will also go through a growth spurt at about 3 weeks so that might also cause the increase in food. My EBF baby ate almost every hour... Exhausting.
  • I went through the same at 3 weeks now he's 5 weeks and nursed from 0330-0630 almost constantly. I slept for an hour after that and I swore he got a little heavier! I'm exhausted but at least thriving
  • My 4 week old eats 6oz regularly 3-5 hours apart. Usually 4oz then burps, settles for a few minutes then finishes the last 1-2oz before passing out. If he doesn't get that last bit he is super fussy and won't relax. He acts like he didn't eat at all - lol
  • My 2 week old is constantly rooting for a nipple and sometimes can eat 4oz which I thought was too much. Last night he fad two big pukes so is he over eating? If so why does he always seem to still be hungry?
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