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Army reserve rant!!

I don't know how these idiots get away with this but I'd like to smack them! They are so terrible! My husband was 82nd airborne. They had it together! Both units the 505 and 207th. But this reserve unit of MP's is a joke!!! They can hardly tell him when and if drill has changed, (they change a lot) then they can't tell you where it is. Then for AT they call him and chew his ass our because he failed to show. They never mentioned when, where, packing list, no unit prep on any of the prior drill weekends. My husband had 2 hours to report to ship out to Wisconsin!!!!! No orders for his job, no nothing!!! Lucky his boss is reserves n familiar with the units malfunctions. Now they can't figure out how to fix some malfunction with the CAC card so we can have insurance. Much less assign him gear! They claim he has gear!!!! He returned it 2 years ago when he left active duty! Its totally insane!!! One right after another of malfunction. These guys wouldn't last a day deployed! When they went through training they couldn't even clear a room right! Bad part they are all civilian cops or swat!!!!!!!!!!!!!they have been told they are next for deployment. I'm terrified. But they could be lying or don't know jack about the real world considering they can't even figure out where or when drill is... FML!!! I just hope he figures out deer's n all before I give birth in less than 20 weeks. I've had no care!!!! Please tell me this is not every reserve unit!

Re: Army reserve rant!!

  • I don't have any answers for you, but I hope that things get sorted out. You do not need to be put through this kind of stress with your LO on the way. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.
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