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In-home family daycare on the UWS

Has anyone looked into using an in-home family daycare? Daycare centers are out of our budget, so the next best option seems to be the in-home situation. I'm a little nervous about this just because you never really know what's going on and how your child is actually being treated. We are looking to use a provider who is certified by NY State. Has anyone looked into this or had good/bad experiences?

Re: In-home family daycare on the UWS

  • Try going on the ACS website, they have a list of certified day cares. And see if you qualify for a voucher in which the govt pays a portion of the tuition.
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  • Would you consider an au pair? An au pair works up to 45 hours per week from your home with a schedule that you make for them and it can differ from week to week depending on your needs. —including night-time and weekend hours. An au pair can get your children out of bed and dressed in the morning, provide trustworthy supervision, drive them to school, activities, and appointments, do their laundry, fix meals, and help keep their bedrooms and playareas clean --- An au pairs weekly stipend is $195.75 plus room and board and the average weekly cost comes to $360 with agency fees and all the necessary paperwork included. Au pairs are young men and women from all over the world, who all have a true interest in childcare and want to spend a year or two living in the United States sharing their culture. Our au pairs are all CPR certified and have successfully completed their secondary education. We have native speakers of several languages in the program, including Mandarin, Spanish, French and German!

    I work as a local recourse for the agency in NYC and would love to answer any questions if you are interested. I can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 646-220-3135.
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  • Try center for children's initiatives
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