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Need help getting baby to sleep at night

My seven week old has suddenly stopped sleeping good at night. He was doing great,then I had to spend a few days in the hospital and since then he won't stay asleep. He'll go down for 40 minutes tops then he's up screaming until he sees me. Also he wants to eat constantly, like every two hours. He was a big baby, and the doctor recommended ginning him a little water at night when he's doing these constant feedings. Not saying he won't get formula at night, but just to add a bottle of water too. Any thoughts?

Re: Need help getting baby to sleep at night

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  • Growth spurts are at 3wks, 6wks 3mths and 6mths. He could just be going through a late growth spurt, which is why he wants to eat so frequently. Good luck OP!
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  • NO NO NO to water! Baby does not have the capacity to handle water and it can cause severe problems, including brain swelling. I'm most of the way to being a doctor (graduate in 7 months) and I can't believe that any health care professional would recommend water for a baby this young.
  • Get a new pediatrician. Water is a very bad idea. Babies need to eat at night. If my LO sleeps 3 hours, I'm lucky.


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  • Holy crap your doctor told you to give him water? You need to run in the other direction and find a new pediatrician.
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