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Getting comfortable with a giant bump!

Alright multiple mommas, I could use some tips on how you endured giant bumps and discomfort before giving birth to your sweet babes.
At 16 weeks, I'm having hip pain and problems sitting at my desk job all day. I walk around a bit but not enough, as I'm also very tired. My triplet bump looks about the same as my 6m single bump.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks to relieve discomforts? I was thinking of looking into chair covers or some type of pillow to sit on?
It seems way too early to have these issues!

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Re: Getting comfortable with a giant bump!

  • Sit on a yoga ball or try a donut pillow on your chair. I definitely started feeling the aches and pains in my desk chair early and that was just with twins. Then it went away for a while and came back. I switched between my chair and the yoga ball throughout my pregnancy but the yoga ball was a lifesaver!
  • I've been going to a chiropractor since 16 wks and it's been so helpful!
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  • the only thing that gave me real relief was acupuncture. I was freaked out about it at first, but it was no big deal!
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  • I also agree with the chiropractor! Mine totally saved me. I had sciatic pain in the first month (I had an old injury) and tried acupuncture first. It was great while I was getting it, but an hour later I was back in pain. The chiro helped so much that I don't even wear my pregnancy belt anymore. Now at 37 weeks it's too bad she can't fix my huge swollen legs!
  • I got a Its You Babe Best Cradle to help support the bump, a 2Cloud9 chair pad to move with me when I was sitting (modified bed rest started at 20 weeks for me), and I slept with a Snoogle pillow on my left side.
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  • Get yourself comfy clothes, a good night pillow (I recommend U-shape) and then head over to the chiropractor. Their tables that have room for your belly so you can lay flat are life changing!
  • Oh, and one more thing I just remembered... I know you're not supposed to sit in a hot tub, but if you can sit in a pool or large bathtub the water takes the weight off, and it can be such a relief! 
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  • I started working from home at 24 weeks.  There is no way I could be comfortable at a desk.  On my couch with my laptop has been much better.and has helped me work til now (36w5d).

    Getting a prenatal massage once a month, a snoogle have both helped too.
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