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Moms with two kids!

okay. So I tried breast feeding with my first child.. And it was an epic fail. Kind of nervous, with attempting to breast feed with my second. Was it easier for moms that have two kids to breast feed the second child or simply give them formula?

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  • I breastfed my first for 3-4 weeks. Hated it and had no support, finally I just gave up. My second I breastfed for 20 months. :)

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  • I had a horrible time nursing my daughter. We ended up on formula. My son is now 11 weeks and a nursing champ! Every child is different. You could have a nursing champ too! Good luck!
  • Thank you all! It was good to hear others personal experience! I felt very stressed with my first child due to I couldn't get her to latch. I am hoping to have a better experience with child number 2!
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