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    Hello @StephanieMartin519! Your 6 week old little girl is likely already full (babies get really proficient at eating!) and just enjoying all that cuddling! Sounds like she's doing fine, so let her nurse from the fuller side when ever she's ready.
  • Hello @murrayce! Your baby's transition to solid foods at this stage is very gentle, so nursing him as frequently as he wishes is the number one way to maintain your current supply. Whenever you do express, remove as much milk as you can from each breast, hand expressing can be particularly thorough and truly helpful in protecting milk supply!
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  • Hello @caitlincunn! Your daughter is choosing to reject bottle drinking, and that's a tough one for parents! Patience is the key; stick with the bottle she had in the past, offer small amounts at different times of the day and offer warmer or cooler milk than usual. It's likely that she will get on board so you can be relaxed at that wedding!!
  • Hello @NenaB54! Twice the fun, congratulations!! Definitely take a prenatal breastfeeding class, you( and your partner) will be more prepared for breastfeeding each baby and you know where to find local help if needed!
  • NenaB54 said:

    Hi @AndreaSymsBrown! I am a first time mom, and will be having twins. Any tips for breastfeeding multiples ?

    Congrats! I'm currently breastfeeding 2 and a half month old twin girls! It's totally possible! I started off feeding one at a time to get comfortable feeding them, then I started feeding them together. Make sure they switch sides every feeding, so you're milk supply is even. Often one twin nurses better than the other, or just differently. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll help you as much as possible.

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  • @AndreaSymsBrown when I first breastfed my son, he was a weak sucker so I became engorged very quickly. I was told not to pump my milk because it was still the first week after birth and it would cause more milk production and further my engorgment problem. How do I relieve engorgment without pumping or how do I get my child to suck harder to get the milk out?
  • I didn't realize it was at EST....so I don't expect a response. Sorry, my bad. :(
  • Hi @insomniack17,

    Don't worry! This chat may be over, but our next TaTa Tuesday chat is Tuesday, 8/25, @ 12PM EST, so feel free to ask your question then. It'll be right here on the breastfeeding board.

    See you there!
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    Thank you again to everyone for participating!

    Congratulations to this week's winners!

    Lansinoh Prize Pack Winner (Milk Storage Bags and Nursing Pads): @reneecarmenn

    Baby K'tan Prize Pack Winner (Diaper Bag, Burp Cloth, and Onesie): @caitlincunn

    Boppy Prize Pack Winner (Luxe Pillow and Nursing Cover): @murrayce

    Ingrid & Isabel Prize Pack Winner (Drop Cup Nursing Bra, Crossover Nursing Cami, Cami Bra): @Ancheta3

    Winners will be notified shortly with information about how to redeem their prizes. Congrats again! 

    Join us next week for our next round of TaTa Tuesdays, right here on the Breastfeeding board. 

    Same time, same prizes! 

  • Wonderful, thanks!
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