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63 days turned into 3 hours real fast!!!!


Re: 63 days turned into 3 hours real fast!!!!

  • Congrats..thoughts and prayers for all
  • Congratulations on little Ursala's arrival! Very happy you got to see her! She will be in your arms before you know it!!
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  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!  I hope you're both doing well!
  • So exciting! Congratulations Mama! I'm glad you're both doing well! Please keep us posted! :)





  • glad both she and you are doing well!! 

  • I get to see if I can hold her today! It's so weird seeing her in the nicu even though I know she is as healthy as she can get right now. I've been pumping enough so that they can feed her with out formula so I'm very happy. Also, get my staples pulled out Thursday or friday. Sadly Thursday is my b day so yay me! But hey! At least my baby is doing great! Wishing you all a happy and healthy pregnancy. Cherish it! I miss having her near me all the time.
  • Also she pooped yesterday so she lost 4 oz making her 2#15oz but that'd still good.
  • Thanks for the update, glad mom and baby are both doing so well!!
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