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Thoughts on weaning at 6 months?

I know it's my decision ultimately but I'm curious to what people think, whether you went or plan to go longer and why. I would love to go the year but I'm overwhelmed. I feel guilty but at least I went this long. Thanks.

Re: Thoughts on weaning at 6 months?

  • I plan on going a full year. I am going back to work today, however, and am anxious to see how pumping during the day impacts my supply and my stress level!
  • After 6 months it gets a lot easier and continues to have great benefits for them. We had a rough start to our journey and I figured why quit when it was just going well?!? We probably nursed 4x during the day and then at night. Around 9-10 months he went through a phase where he wanted to nurse all the time (he realized he could ask for it) and then where he barely wanted to nurse. The outside world gets really exciting. I just kept offering and he continued to nurse, he's two now and nurses 2-3x a day for 5-10 minutes.
    For me it also provides some security as you transition to solids. I knew he was getting everything he needed from me so if one day he didn't eat much dinner I wouldn't worry. It's also nice for those bumps and bruises that nothing else can solve. Also it kept my period away for 14 months!!!
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