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I messed up...

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I've always said I never regret anything because I wouldn't be who I am today. Well, this may be as close to regret as I'm going to get. Over a year ago I was so tired and paranoid so my son started sleeping in bed with me. Now he's 18 months and we've not had any close calls until tonight.
The bed is next to the wall, he's always slept closest to the wall, tonight he was having problems getting comfy I guess and he rolled over my legs (because he decided sleeping with his head closer to my knees would be good) and rolled right out of bed and face planted on the floor. So now I'm searching for aanything that will get him in his crib which is still in my room bc we're living with family and there hasn't been one available until saddly recently when my husband's Grandmother passed and we're still transitioning because Mom in law is a perfectionist and will spend months renovationg that room becauae she wants my son to have her room. But thats another story.
Anyway, I've tried crib training before with little success because he goes into hysterics and with naps thats out because our room doubles as my work space and I'm on the phone a majority of the day because I work for a call center from home. Any advice would be amazing. Oh, and he is Not nursing he never did because I always expressed my milk until I dried up. That seems to be a recurring theme in anything I read about co sleeping.

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  • I don't have experience with co sleeping but maybe you could add a toddler rail to your bed in the meantime. When he moves to a crib, maybe have it right against your bed so he's practically sleeping with you the each day move the bed further away?

    My 15 month old will only sleep in his crib for naps and at night he wakes up every few hours and I have to hold and rock him to get him to sleep in it. Good luck momma!
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  • I really recommend the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child". I know there are SO many debates on co-sleeping and crying-it-out and the likes, but here's what worked for us:

    Our daughter would not sleep well in her crib and was ending up in our bed all the time. It was fine except that if I am woken in the middle of the night, I have very little control over my emotions, and found myself getting angry and not controlling it very well. I bought the book (above) and it suggested the Crying-it-out method (CIO). How we approached the situation was this: put your child to bed, and at first let them cry 5 mins, then go in, comfort them (don't pick them up or talk to them, but rub their back, make humming/shushing noises) until they calm down, and then leave again. Increase your intervals to 10, then 15 minutes, and then keep going back in in 15 minute intervals. Eventually they will fall asleep (no baby ever died from crying!). 

    Let me be clear: This was the hardest thing I ever did. 

    It took my daughter a week and a half of crying for an hour to an hour and a half every night before she finally caught on! It is excruciating to listen to your child cry. We actually set a timer and took turns going outside so that we wouldn't go crazy. 

    I also know that this is why a lot of people are against this method. 

    The truth is, our daughter learned to soothe herself to sleep, and sleeps WAY better on her own. She has consistently slept 12-14 hours every night (except when sick) since we "sleep-trained". It seems so cruel at the time, but in reality they are learning to regulate their own sleep patterns.

    Because you share a room with your son, it may be difficult to try something like this. I liked the above suggestion of having the crib close to the bed so that your son knows you are near. My suggestion would be to put him down and let him cry it out while you are not in the room, but still have the crib close to your bed for when you are in there. 

    Again, this is a recommendation for what worked for us. I really do believe that our daughter is happier and healthier because she is well rested every night, away from our movements and noises.

    I hope that you find an answer that works for you!
  • Since your bed and the crib are already in the same room, can you sandwich the crib between your bed and the wall with the mattress up and rail down so it's like an "arm's reach co-sleeper"? We did that with one of our babes who had a hard time transitioning.
  • We also did the crying it out method and like ashdawn24 said, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Good luck!
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