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Diaper dilemma: to change or not to change

Hypothetical situation:

It's the middle of the night, your LO wakes up for the breast or the bottle. Before getting started you change his/her diaper and then let them eat. While eating your LO poops and falls soundly asleep shortly after.

What do you do? Do you wake your LO and change the diaper or do you let your LO wallow in their poop while they so peacefully sleep?

Re: Diaper dilemma: to change or not to change

  • Change his diaper & quickly after that I give him the pacifier he falls back to sleep ;)
  • Because my LO gets bad rashes so quickly I would do my best to change it without waking her. If she is sound asleep she most likely will not wake up. If it were just wet leave it but a mess definitely change it!
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  • Change it. Don't want diaper rash & just don't want to be one of "those" moms...just sayin. It does happen where you don't know & they do sit in a dirty diaper, but if I know, I change it.
  • I do a quick change, then comfort nurse back to sleep. I have left LO is a partially wet diaper, but even feel icky about that! I do my best to not engage him at night--no singing/extra snuggles/eye contact. It's tough, but LO goes back to sleep even after a diaper change.
  • @corndogrobot mine too! She loooooooves a clean diaper for a good poop. I change her then comfort nurse her back to sleep majority of the time, but last night I left it and I don't care who judges me for it. It's not an every diaper occurrence.
  • I would change her, just to try to prevent diaper rash. I'd try to change her quickly and very quietly - if she's sleeping soundly enough, she may not wake up! I say that, but I've only been lucky enough to have it work for out for me once. Still, I'd rather try to comfort her to sleep than deal with diaper rash. 
  • My little guy does the same exact thing! I waited 15-20 minutes yesterday because everytime I went to change him he pooped more. I changed him and he spent the next 2 minutes farting. I just had to laugh!
  • I would change them to prevent diaper rash, but I would be mentally grumbling the whole time lol.
  • I have not been changing him during the night. Judge if you must but he barely wakes up when I feed him but the second I unswaddle him for a change he is wide awake and won't go back to sleep. If he starts to have any issues I will go back to changing him at night.
  • 100% Change it. I would rather slightly wake him then let him sit in his poop. My LO would never allow me not to change him so I can never see this actually happening
  • Agree 100% change it. As much as id not want to wake her up I wouldn't want my Lo to get a rash. Not to mention having a girl after my two boys I'm in more of a hurry to get a dirty diaper changed because girls can get infections easier
  • I would have to change it. LO doesn't like poop on him. DH would kill me if I left him in it bc he is Mr. Take 3 showers a day. Lol.
  • Change it, for sure
  • Change it, leaving poop will cause a bad rash which can turn into thrush on their bottom.
  • Personally can't stand the thought of ever sitting in my own poo, so would never do that to my child. I change her as soon as she's done
  • I try to change her as soon as I know. That being said, she screams when she is wet but doesn't seem to mind sitting in her own poo so sometimes I miss the poos. I try to change as soon as I know though.
  • I personally change it. My LO has a fit of he has poop in his diaper and I can see why bc he fills them suckers. Then sometimes after I change it he will fill another one within minutes. But I'd rather go there two diapers within minutes then have poo coming out the sides or up his back. I change his diaper at night before I feed and if I have to change it after I will. My LO has sensitive skin I don't want him to get a rash. But to each there own
  • I always change my LO diaper after he eats. He is one that almost always poops while he is eating, so to change it before is pointless.
    Then I just swaddle him, lay him in his bassinet, then turn on his vibrating mattress pad, and he is back to sleep!
  • Most likely I would change it but LO is awake so often that it really wouldn't matter in my situation.


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