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C-section 1st time

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Im 38 weeks pregnant with my 1st child and my doc told me that its impossible for me to give birth naturally because i have a low bone in the pelvic area and babys head might not come out. All ive been reading over the internet is really scary and bad reviews from c-section moms. Any positive ones plz?:(

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  • I had a c section with my first child and as my doctor told me stay off the internet because it will only cause fear. It isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I had a speedy recovery and my scar is barely there. The only thing I will tell you that no one told me is to make sure that you massage your scar area once it heals. Good luck!
  • Same, the emotion of having an emergency csection sucked. Still not over it (July '14) fully. If you can get yourself mentally prepared for it my section recovery was fine physically.
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  • I wasn't mentally prepared for c-section having had an emergency one. But with that being said I recovered well. And the end result is the same you get your sweet baby! I did however fall into post partom depression I think due to having the section and not getting to push for her... Good luck with your c section
  • I had a c-section due to baby being breech, speedy recovery & minimal looking scar. Only thing is it itches sometimes, that's about it. Now i'm pregnant with baby #2 and I'm contemplating what to do this time around. 
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  • I was told at a dr appointment that I would need a csection then 24 hrs later, I went into labor! Had an emergency c-section. It was a little scary, only because I had eaten a heavy meal and the surgeons were worried about vommiting while in the table. So I had to have medication to speed up digestion and wait for 1hr. That 1hr was more nerve wracking than the actual surgery. During the surgery, the spinal block caused my o shiver involuntarily which was alarming, only because I didn't expect it. I did vomit. But that was ok. It took 30 minutes. Left the hospital in 2 days. Ended up just using ibuprofen. Was able to do stairs slowly, and was fully recovered very quickly. There are horror stories out there, but it will be fine. Good luck!
  • I've had both a CS and a VBAC and I have to say the recovery was much easier and faster with my VBAC. With that being said my CS wasn't bad as far as recovery but I am definitely glad I didn't have to have a RCS.

    My first was an unplanned CS due to failure to progress - I was induced twice 40w1d and 41w1d and the second time my doc broke my water. After several hours of nothing happening, no real contractions or dilation (I only made it to 1 CM) my doc suggested a CS bc it appeared nothing more would happen.    Going into the OR was scary bc my husband couldn't go in with me while they prepped me. The spinal they put in hurt like a bitch!! But once the procedure started it wasn't bad - I did get sick bc of the spinal and not eating all day and they gave me some meds to make me feel better. Then the next thing I knew baby was out and the doc announced we had a girl! My husband was able to see her immediately and took many pictures; he actually stayed with her the whole time. 
    After I was all stitched up I had to sit in a recovery room till I could feel my legs - it was about 4.5 hr kind of by myself I was out of it most of the time bc I was exhausted. Then once I moved my toes they wheeled me into the room with my family and we got to nurse and bond.

    I do feel like I missed out on her birth bc I didn't get to be around her for a few hours after she was born but the recovery really wasn't bad and I healed up nicely. After having her I immediately asked about a VBAC bc I knew it was something I had always wanted. When I got pregnant with my second (3 yrs after my first) I wasn't sure of my chances of having a successful VBAC since I never went into labor with my first so I looked into "Family Friendly CS" bc a video I saw about them. I do highly suggest looking them up! Basically you can have the birth experience of a vaginal birth (as long as its not an emergency): After you are cut open you can ask the doctor to lower the screen so you can see baby coming out. Baby will immediately be placed on your chest. You can have delayed cord clamping. Immediate bonding with baby. Spouse can cut the cord. Baby stays with you while you recover... 

    Whatever you decide as long as you and baby are safe that's all that matters! Good luck!

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  • I had an unplanned c/s with DD almost 3 years ago.  I labored for 18 hours, but after the "cascade of interventions" I ended up in surgery.  My husband was there with me the whole time.  He got to be the one to tell me that we'd had a girl.  He watched her get weighed and cleaned up and then almost immediately she was put in his arms.  He brought her over to me to hold, even though I was a bit shaky from the epidural and all the other meds they use during surgery.  I was able to hold her as they finished stitching me up and as we made our way to the recovery room.  She and I had the chance to try breastfeeding as soon as we got settled in the recovery area, and she took to it like a champ.  

    The worst parts of my experience were the leg-squeezer things they use to make sure I didn't develop blood clots.  They squeezed the heck out of my calves every few minutes and totally kept me from getting any sleep for about 30 hours after surgery.  Really annoying.  Also I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive tape.  So the square around my epidural site and the line across my tummy where the c/s curtain was developed a major rash and itched like crazy for more than a week.   

    It was certainly not the birth I planned, but it wasn't a terrible experience at all.  

    I am currently due with DD2 in October and planning a VBAC.  I have loved reading the birth stories on birthwithoutfearblog.com  That site has some great and empowering stories of c-section mamas and babies.  

    Wishing you a wonderful birth experience!!
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