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Mirena Crash

Have you guys heard of this? I had my iud taken out just over a week ago and I feel like complete crap. Just wondering if anyone else had theirs removed and how long you felt icky for.... I called telehealth (nurses oncall to ask Qs to) and its dumb so from that convo I was told I may have had a heart attack... yep.. very helpful! Lol. So I figure I'd ask you ladies! 

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Re: Mirena Crash

  • Jenster540Jenster540 member
    edited February 2015
    I just heard of the term but I can believe it now. I Had mine removed 7 weeks ago and for 4-5 of those weeks I felt like death warmed over. Also lead to a couple hpt with bfn's cause I just didn't know what was going on with my body. But hang in there it does get better.
  • So glad to hear I'm not the only one! I've taken 2 hpt already LOL! I feel like I'm getting back to normal hormonally now but my insides still feel all out of whack.. random cramping etc. 

    Thanks for the reply!! :D
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  • Glad to hear. I had the random cramping to, lots of pinching and twinges. I finally started my AF almost 8 weeks post, Hope things continue to get better for you :)
  • My sister has one and has been trying to convince me to get one too, but no thanks! And yeah, telehealth is NO help whatsoever. They always tell me to call my doctor...but they're supposed to be able to answer my questions!
  • g8trkimg8trkim member
    I had mine taken out two months ago and was preparing for the "crash" but I guess I was one of the lucky ones. From what I understand, everybody reacts differently and feeling like crap afterward is considered totally normal.

  • I had mine removed in sept 2014 and only symptom I really had was bleeding. I think I bled for a week and a half, even though I had had a period a week or two before having it removed. Dr said it was normal and I haven't had any other problems from it since. Although it did take me nearly 9 mos to get pregnant.
  • Omg! I am going to get mine removed on friday and i had no idea! Thanks for the warning!
  • uh oh, getting mine out september 1 and had no idea. hoping i avoid this!
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