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Diet and fertility

Do you think diet affects fertility?? I have dor and have heard lots of things. I don't drink alcohol or coffee (don't really like either so it's easy). I have also cut out soda. Otherwise I eat pretty much the same. I try to eat fewer processed food or foods with sugar but it's hard. I've heard high protein low carb is a good idea but I love my carbs. How much do you think it helps/hurts fertility?

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  • I think it's an individual answer. I have PCOS, so for me a lot. The first thing my RE said was no more white floor and no soda. But I also cut out dairy and noticed a huge improvement from that. I also eliminated most caffeine and started a short jog of about a mile or two with my dog 3x a week. Not pregnant yet, but my thought process is it can't hurt and if it helps, great!
  • I second what @HBamama2B says. I have either endo or IBS (they get crossed diagnosed a lot), and so diet really has an impact on my overall health/well-being. I recenty eliminated alcohol from my diet and the only caffeine I have is matcha green tea which is a milder slow release caffeine and an anti-oxidant so I tell myself its a bit better at least.

    I also have eliminated (most of the time... i cheat) wheat, dairy, eggs and unnecessary sugar (as much as I can). I feel a world of difference in my energy, immunity and mindset too even. Just overall health.

    My biggest advice would be to not just do it with the hope that it will make a difference, but rather because you want to improve your health for YOU. Too often we make "bargains" with ourselves. If I just do _____ then I will get pregnant. It's a dangerous game, as we can feel like all the hard work or effort was a waste, and resent having tried it at all if it won't make a difference.

    For me the improvements have all been worth it. I'm still not pregnant, but definitely feel like I am doing the best for my health and should I become pregnant, will simply continue doing it for my baby's health as well. 
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  • I ate healthier to lose weight. But I eat dairy, eggs, carbs, etc. I figured the losing weight and getting healthier has a bigger impact than just cutting out a specific food group. I don't drink soda and drink decaf coffee. But that's just part of the healthier lifestyle. Do what feels good for you. There is no real one answer.
  • I personally don't think it's necessarily what you eat but what is IN the food you eat. I believe toxins and chemicals in food, body products, cleaning supplies and environment play a huge roll in infertility. That's just what I believe & it's even what some doctors believe. Plastics, BPA, synthetic hormones. The list goes on. I just make sure everything is organic. I don't consume things that aren't organic at all while pregnant. I don't want my daughter to go through what I went through and I believe this is the way to go for me personally. It might not be true, but it's what I believe.
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  • I understand that avoiding sugar/carbs has a big impact on women with PCOS.

    I've quit coffee and alcohol, and I minimize carbs, eating hardly any sugar at all.  I'm pushing a variety of veggies, moderate fruit, and organic whenever I can.  So far, I'm not pregnant, but my numbers have improved, as has my responsiveness to ovulation stimulation meds.

    But on top of that, I didn't watch my food too well the first couple months I was TTC, and I gained way more weight than I should.  Not sure if it's the drugs, the stress, or if I'm just stress eating, but it happened.  And even now that I'm really watching my food intake and exercising moderately, it seems like weight is creeping on.
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