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New to bump - hello!

Was reading a topic that had me in stiches and joined from there! Am on a forum but its a bit quiet and I could do with the occasional laugh other then the odd bit of pee that trickles down my leg when I sneeze.....awkward.

Apart from that, hi im sarah, im 31, I have 4 kids and one on way - no I don't pop them out for benefits as my poor git of a husband has to work. I say that as I've had so many geeks say your doing it for benefits! No you asshole I'm doing it because I love my kids, thought of that?
I live in a village in the fens, cambridgeshire, with my hubby, kids and 2 dogs, 5 cats and rodents.

Look forward to chatting to yous all.

Yes Im random and slightly mad.

Re: New to bump - hello!

  • Hi! I'm also new here :-)

    I'm Emma, 30, and I've got a 2 month old daughter called Alexandra (Alex, and made up pet names...!) I'm a teacher currently taking a sabbatical to bring up LO and I live in Spain with my fiancee. No pets yet but hoping to get a doggie at some point! I'm originally from Sussex but I've lived in Spain on and off for seven years now.

    Nice to meet you!
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  • Hi!
    I'm also new here.

    I'm Nikki. I'm 28 and ttc #1. I've got BOTB like mad!

    Nice to meet you guys!
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  • Hi there! I'm Natalie, 27 and getting read to TTC. We have one kitty and are thinking of getting a pup in the near future. Nice to meet everyone!
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