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stay at home job

Any advice on where to find a stay at home part time job or any companies that you know of. I think this is the way I want to go after my baby is born. I know some places want you to live in a certain area. I live in Maryland. Thanks!

Re: stay at home job

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    Teaching remotely seems like the best one I've heard, but really you should try to do something related to your previous career. There are also a lot of gourmet shops that sell cool things at flea markets and bazaars. For example gourmet cotton candy or Popsicles. Also look at your hobbies. If you like sewing, then get together a line of whatever you like to sew and sell them at craft fairs. IMHO, I dread when I hear of a friend starting to try and sell me something. I'm your friend, not your potential sale.
  • My local patch just posted an article about this and remote customer service positions topped the list.
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