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Sippy Cup struggles...

Having a hard time transitioning to a sippy cup. We always fill it with milk for meals.. and she will take a sip or two and that's it. I've even tried feeding her the sippy on my lap like I used to with her bottle-- no luck. Hates it.  She drinks water fine out of a straw cup but will not take milk from that straw cup either.

Any suggestions?? I would like to get her on a sippy for milk before her 15 month appt!
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Re: Sippy Cup struggles...

  • mhwoodmhwood member
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    Have you tried giving her an open cup?
  • I'm in the same boat she won't drink anything from anything....
  • imrachelleaimrachellea member
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    My daughter is 18 months and we just ditched the bottles entirely a couple weeks ago. She only drank from it at night though. She has never been picky about bottles or sippies, but she just needed her night bottle. We let her wean herself. We thought she'd never ditch the bottle but one day she just stopped. We did small changes like stopping to warm it during the day, then offering it in a sippy during the day, then only offering water in a sippy and milk in the free flow cups with snap lids at meals. She honestly prefers drinking from our cups anyway (despite trying to buy her kid versions of the bottles and cups we use). Unless the doctor gives you a medical reason fit stopping bottles, I wouldn't rush it into older (by 2 I would have pushed it if my DD hadn't stopped on her own).
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  • DD has been using Munchkin Miracle 360 cups since she was 9 months old. She is 15 months now. At first she wouldn't drink a lot either, but once the bottles were gone by 11 months she gets all her milk and water in the cup. I think she likes the miracle cup because it's like a "real" cup.
  • My son will only use the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup, hates sippys and can't figure out straws yet.  I'm not too worried, he'll figure it out before high school.
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  • I had to try different sip cups before I found the one that they felt comfortable with. So it might be just trying a few different ones.

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  • CGlessCGless member
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    Nuk Learner Cups are our go to cup.
  • Have you tried warming the milk? My son would drink water from a straw & juice from a sippy, but getting him to drink milk from a sippy was a struggle even though he never took a bottle.
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