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GTKY Personal Style?

I loved the shopping thread, and wanted to know how you ladies would describe your personal style - as in if you had no budget, job, or time constraints how would you dress, wear your hair and makeup every day?

I would be a complete punk rockabilly pin up girl complete with full sleeve and back tattoos every day if I wasn't a middle school teacher :)

Re: GTKY Personal Style?

  • I tend to gravitate towards light makeup and natural colors with either a bold print or a pop of color. I would live in sundresses all summer if I could!
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  • If I weren't working in the hotel industry you'd find me with full sleeves of tattoos, little mermaid red hair, and glammed up cake face style with colorful lipsticks.

    Instead, I dye my hair chocolate brown and have a few hidden tattoos. :))
  • T-shirts and jeans are my go to and I probably wouldn't change it even with an unlimited budget. Comfort>all things. B-)
  • I would do a couple things if my wardrobe budget were limitless:
    1. Buy all the fabric and patterns ever and start making more clothing myself(it used to be cheaper to make it yourself, not anymore.)
    2. Dive into the world of sustainable/fair-trade/ethically sourced garments that were not made by children being forced into labor. Sometimes it breaks my heart knowing that my lack of budget currently keeps the sweatshops going. Since I shop so seldom I really should get into this starting now and slowly replace my wardrobe...
  • I would buy all of the things on my clothing Pinterest board! My ideal style is pretty classic with a punch, when doable. In real life, I wear a lot of workout clothes, as my husband gets a discount. I love fall wear with skinny jeans, boots and sweaters with scarves.
  • I live in jeans and t-shirts now and I would probably keep it that way. However if money wasn't an issue I could definitely expand the collection. I have oodles of wish list items I would love to have. I would also expand my shoe collection. I'm a sucker for cute sneakers, flats, and boots. I just never buy them bc I can't justify the cost.
  • I'm definitely a jeans and tshirt kind of gal. Or yoga pants. I'm pretty low key when it comes to makeup and like the natural look and will do it heavier when we go out somewhere. I am definitely a classic dresser, if that makes sense!
  • @cattlebride we are clearly from Kansas!
  • I would either keep it the same as I am now jeans and tshirt or shorts and tshirt with sneakers  OR I would go back to the 90s style and the stuff my parents would not let me wear.  i.e. JNKO wide leg jeans, AirWalk shoes, flannel shirts, nails black, neon colored hair, lip ring, chains.
    Although here in real life I've been thinking of getting purple highlights or lowlights whatever they are called.  Not sure.  Luckily I work from home so I could dye my hair all the colors of the rainbow and it would not matter lol

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    So can I pick Cosplay as a style? If I had no budget, no pressure on what I should be wearing (another middle school teacher), I would probably be wearing costumes most of the time :) Also I would wear corsets all the time too. I love them, they give me good posture, I look fabulous in them and a good corset is really actually comfortable and helps you eat less.

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  • My style is classic meets girly with a twist of boho. Although on the weekends I'm in yoga clothes and flip flops or long dresses as I like to be comfy and relaxed as I have to dress up for work. If money was no option I would just have more and nicer items.
  • As an interior designer I am lucky in that business professional doesn't have to mean suits. I think my clients totally judge us by our looks - a little personal flair means we can be creative with their space. That being said I would totally go much more boho if work wasn't a consideration. I'd probably also have white girl dreads and some tattoos.
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  • AL_TwinCities- i'm an interior designer as well!
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