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Anyone prepare formula this way?

Re: Anyone prepare formula this way?

  • Nope. We never used glass bottles. We did steam sterilize our plastic ones. I could be wrong but I do believe pretty much all baby bottles are required to be BPA free now.
    We would make a full days worth of bottles once baby got old enough to better predict this. We would follow the manuactuer instructions and use nursery water. But we mixed them all in individual bottles not on the stove.
  • megewymegewy member
    Never done it this way. I did what the pp did except used bottle water instead of nursery water
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  • Never!
    My mother tried to get me to go all glass but i already had plastic bottles.

    I only sterilized bottles once, when they were new. I used the Medela steam bags every once in a while but never regularly. Not even when we had a newborn.

    I never made formula in a large batch. Always made bottles fresh before feeding. I know a lot of people use a mixing pitcher. We just did a bottle at a time.

    NEVER used hot water to mix. Just room temp water.

    The only thing I did was use boiled water. I know that it the US tap water is fine, but it made me feel better to use boiled. Just used my tea pot dor that.
  • @harmonicbabe26 Thanks! Do you boil all at once and then put bottles in the fridge (and then warm up the water again I guess??) or do you do one at a time then cool with running water?  
  • @harmonicbabe26 Thanks! Do you boil all at once and then put bottles in the fridge (and then warm up the water again I guess??) or do you do one at a time then cool with running water?  

    I boil a bunch of water in a tea kettle (I'm a tea drinker) but you could just use a pot. I do it once every day. Once it has cooled, pour as much as is needed into baby's bottle, add powder and shake. I never pre-made bottles, nor did I store anything in the fridge. Always mixed fresh bc that's what worked best for me. Always used colled off (room temp water). Never made formula with hot water. If you boil your water in a pot, just pour it into a large drinking water bottle and keep it on the counter for whenever you need it. I seriously don't understand where all this panic among people is coming from about powder. Millions of moms all over the place are using formula, I never heard of anyone getting sick. And never up till now have I heard of people boiling formula or using hot water to mix. Where is all this stuff coming from... And I agree with what some user said on one of these boards... Advice prefaced by 'as a certified Lactation consultant yada yada and breast is best' you can shove it somewhere. Just use your common sense. Soon enough your kid will be grabbing kibbles out of the dog bowl and eating sand at the playground. Formula is not the problem!
  • No, I used regular warm tap water. I made most of my daughter's on demand since she had to have them warm (except for daycare since they had a bottle warmer). I washed her bottles in the sink and/or dishwasher. 
    I would caution about the nursery water. It's gotten a lot of flack due to the high fluoride content but if I am not mistaken, you can find some nursery water fluoride free. If you're in the US, you don't have to boil the water unless you use well water or live where your local health dept, advises boiling the water first. 
  • As a first time mom who probably will be formula feeding I was pretty panic-y when I started researching powder formula. I think you have to take into account that WHO is the World Health Organization and their advice has to work for first and third world countries. They err on the side of caution, always.  The US has its faults, but in most places public tap water (as opposed to well/spring fed water) is drinkable fresh from the tap.

  • We didn't boil water. We made each bottle as she needed it and did not store anything in the fridge. She was fine with room temp water. Also used plastic Avent Naturals bottles.

    When going out for errands or whatever, we would fill the bottles with however much water we needed in each one and had a little travel container with pre-measured amounts of formula and mixed on the go as needed.


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