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Hello all July mommies!!! I'm back! very long

So after sitting here for months on end watching this board religiously and seeing all the wonderful birth stories and experiences it didn't really hit me until now 12 days post partum that I Havnt been on her since a few days after birth! Oh how the priorities change with a newborn!! Lol. Anywho..would like to congratulate all the beautiful mommies and their precious new bundles of joy and for all those ladies still waiting....not too worry your wee one will be arriving sooner then you know!!! And then it won't be time going by too slowly but that it going by too fast! I cannot believe my baby girl bella June is 12 days old. Although we had an 8 day stay in the nicu so we kind of got robbed for our first week. Bella was born at 8lbs3oz bright pink and lots of hair via scheduled CS on July 20th. Unfortunately she was a little jaundice so they brought her into the nicu where they then found out she had hyper tension, and because of that she was using so much energy that she lost 12% of her weight in just 3 days. Was a very very scary time as we were feeding her almost 120mls between breast, pumping and formula to get her weight up but nothing was working, but this momma was determined! I stayed in the courtesy room in the hospital for 8 full days without leaving once and went in every 3 hours day and night to feed her. Between pumping for and he between feedings and trying to sleep and get visits in with my hubby it was a very exhausting 8 days so when the weekend came and her weight finally started to go up I just cried because I was so overjoyed that I wasn't failing and that my hard work and determination paid off, so I just wanted to say to all the mommies out their that are dealing with a sick baby or a baby in the nicu to just hold on, it's tough and it's lonely but you will get through it and it will be so rewarding! Here are some pictures of my beautiful girl! She is so worth fighting for as we were told we would have to have her on a feeding tube and monitors for up to month! Well we showed em didn't we!!

Re: Hello all July mommies!!! I'm back! very long

  • She's beautiful! My son is in the NICU for 7 more days, he has a blood infection and is on iv antibiotics so no chance of him leaving early. I can't wait to bring him home!

  • Congrats! She is beautiful!! Stay strong mama @handree
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  • Good job mama. Congrats on the beautiful baby
  • Awe thank you ladies!! And @Handree I bet you are so excited to finally bring your little man home now!!( seen its been 7 days since you've posted) so really hoping today was your special day to bring him home!! ️Xo
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